New Theatre Oxford

There has been a theatre on George Street for almost 185 years. The first theatre was built in 1836, and a second in 1886. In 1908, the Dorrill family took over the venue and finally in 1934, the third Theatre opened; the ‘New Theatre’.

Stanley Dorrill masterminded the rebuilding of the theatre as we know it today. He commissioned a new building from the well-known theatre architects William and T.R. Milburn of Sunderland. The Milburns developed the decadent art-deco interior with T.P Bennett and Sons, who also designed the Saville Theatre in London.

New Theatre Oxford exclusives

Sun 4 Jun 2023


Fri 4 Aug - Fri 1 Sep 2023

Comedy Ladder

Thu 10 Aug - Thu 24 Aug 2023

Mini Mayhem

Fri 18 Aug - Sat 19 Aug 2023

Cocktail Masterclass

Mon 18 Sep - Tue 19 Sep 2023

Burlesque Workshop