Creative Learning & Community Partnerships

Who Creative Learning & Community Partnerships are

Creative Learning & Community Partnerships deliver locally driven cultural education engagement with National significance!

Located across UK regional venues and in the heart of the West End, our Creative Learning teams deliver extraordinary and award-winning activities & experiences that engage the community, the education sector and our audiences.

Mission & Objective

Creative Learning & Community Partnerships are an important part of ATG’s commitment to delivering excellence in all aspects of community and educational engagement. Unlocking the potential of all that our venues can offer, our teams are a valuable leading resource in the world of cultural education.   

Our activities & experiences engage, accommodate and empower people of all abilities, ages, genders, races and socio-economic backgrounds.

Our Impact

Over the last 5 years, Creative Learning & Community Partnerships initiatives have been experienced by more than 100,000 people across the UK.

We have raised over £258,302 over in funding and sponsorship in the last 2 years, which enables us to deliver a programme that reaches those most in need.

Our work is supported by 53 partnership organisations across the UK – from the productions who visit our theatres to community organisations, charities and other cultural bodies.

What We Do

Our programme delivered across the UK is vibrant and reflective of the current educational landscape, underpinned by our 5 programme categories:

  1. Locality
  2. Diversity
  3. Partnership
  4. Show Related
  5. Group Annual Campaign

This is offered through locally-led programmes which respond to specific needs and opportunity, taking place in our inspiring venues and on outreach at events, festivals, in schools and community settings.

Theatre & Mixed Art form Workshops

  • Tours of venues & behind the scenes
  • Performances & Events
  • Q&A’s with industry professionals
  • Master Classes
  • Weekly groups
  • Teacher & Professional CPD 
  • Accredited programmes
  • Work related learning

Work in Theatre

London's Creative Learning & Community Partnerships team offers a Work In Theatre Course taking place over 4 weeks of the year in the Easter and summer holidays, designed to explore the options available to young people interested in a career in theatre. During the course you will have the chance to gain hands-on experience in one of our West End Theatres, in areas such as Front of House, Box Office, Theatre Management, Backstage, some Lighting and Sound and the opportunity to participate in workshops such as ‘being a West End Producer’, ‘Theatre Marketing’ and ‘Theatre Programming’. The intention is to give you a broad understanding of the mechanisms of West End Theatre, the roles available within the industry and a taster of the reality of the roles in order for you to fully understand what goes on behind a production.

To apply, please download the Information Form here and an Application Form here 

For more information on any of the above please email [email protected] for more information.


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