ATG Tickets makes it easy to book West End tickets and London attractions for groups of 10 or more - and in some cases, for groups as small as 5. With ATG Tickets and Group Line, you can:

  • Book now, pay later
  • Enjoy group discounts on tickets
  • Make the most of the occasion with VIP treatment, hospitality spaces for hire, or pre-booked meals for groups at restaurants near your theatre or attraction
  • Pre-order in-theatre food, drink, programmes, and more
  • See brand new shows and long-running favourites as our guest at our regular trade nights

We have access to special rates for schools and colleges, including free teacher's packs, Q+A sessions and workshops, and free tickets for teachers and organisers. We offer great deals for groups for a wide range of West End and regional shows.

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Groups Booking line: 020 7206 1174

To find out more about the offers available, please contact your local groups team. Either use our Enquiry Form or select from the lists below to get venue or show specific details.

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