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There has been a theatre on George Street for almost 185 years. The first theatre was built in 1836, and a second in 1886. In 1908, the Dorrill family took over the venue and finally in 1934, the third Theatre opened; the ‘New Theatre’.

Stanley Dorrill masterminded the rebuilding of the theatre as we know it today. He commissioned a new building from the well-known theatre architects William and T.R. Milburn of Sunderland. The Milburns developed the decadent art-deco interior with T.P Bennett and Sons, who also designed the Saville Theatre in London.

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Through our Corporate Partnerships scheme, the New Theatre Oxford gives your business a unique way of reaching out to potential new customers while showcasing your support for your local theatre.

Each package is tailored to you and your needs. From stand-out branding inclusions, complimentary theatre tours, using our stunning meeting spaces to impress new clients - promoting what you do has never been more enjoyable!

Let us help you to advertise to your potential audience in an effective and creative way.

We have an ever increasing number of advertising opportunities available.

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To see what we can do for your business and brand, and to become involved with the internationally successful Ambassador Theatre Group whilst still receiving the personal touch from an historic and well established venue, contact us at [email protected] or call our stage door on (01865) 320760.

We are also constantly looking to expand our connections with venues who may be suitable to host a variety of Photo call opportunities for our marketing department, in turn also promoting your venue and providing valuable PR, as we often work with the local media to promote these events. If you are interested in this, please contact Max Pollard, our Communications Manager, at [email protected].


To find out how our theatre can work for you, please email [email protected].

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