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Interviewing with us


Interview process

Depending on the particular position you're applying for, you will either have a one or two-stage interview. We want to make the process quick and simple.


For associate and mid-level software engineers, you can expect a 90-minute interview. 30 minutes of questions, followed by a live coding challenge for 30 minutes, and then a final round of questions and conversations. You'll have an opportunity to talk with current software engineers at ATG and ask any questions of us as well. Don't sweat the live coding challenge – it's more about how you talk about your code and work through a problem than it is about the actual code. If you're going for a full-stack role you can pick the type of challenge you'd prefer, otherwise we have front-end and back-end coding tasks.

Seniors, Leads and Principals

The interviews for senior, lead and principal software engineers are much the same as associates and mids, however instead of an active live coding challenge, you'll be asked to review some code instead. We recognise at this level, more time is spent coaching and mentoring and it's good to get an understanding of how you work with other engineers. Otherwise, it's still a 90-minute interview and we always aim to get same-day feedback.

Engineering Managers

Engineering managers have a two-stage interview process. We start with a simple screening call where the current Head of Engineering will give you some background into the company and the role, and hear about your motivations for joining ATG. It will be a pretty informal chat where it's best to be yourself. If everyone is happy to proceed, we will then schedule a 60-minute interview where you'll also be joined by an existing Engineering Manager and a Principal Engineer. This will be a pretty casual chat about your approach to leadership and management in software engineering. There'll be more opportunities to ask lots of questions about the existing team, how we like to do things, and what you hope to get out of your time at ATG.

What are we looking for?

We are always looking for talented engineers whether they're front-end, back-end, or full-stack. Our team is growing and there are a range of positions either open now or opening up in the near future.

So, whether you're really into the back-end, building micro-services using event-based architectures, or a full-stack engineer who thrives on building both vibrant front-ends in React and Material UI as well as the back-end GraphQL services that power them, there is an opportunity for you.

If you really love the front-end then you can help drive innovation in our Design System, building intelligent components for use throughout the whole platform, or if you're more into the cloud then you can assist in building the infrastructure to deploy our platform across the UK and the US.

Your day-to-day

We pride ourselves on the way our team works together. Your day will start (depending on your timezone) with a standup with your immediate team, checking in with Product and Design and your fellow engineers. You might then get stuck into your own tickets, or spend some time reviewing code – either in your own team or perhaps helping out on a different team's reviews if you're interested.

Our engineers often pair on complex problems – in our smaller teams we've found this both enjoyable and productive, so if you enjoy that you will definitely fit in well at ATG.

Depending on the day you might join our retro, or chat with the whole engineering team at our regular Tech Talking sessions – or it could be you presenting your latest project or technology find! Afterwards, you might join an "ideation" session hosted by the Product team and help contribute to the direction of the product and platform.

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