Plan a Day Out With the Kids in London

By Shiona Walker

Everyone loves a pick 'n' mix,right? Well, here's the chance to pick your faves and plan the perfect day out with the kids in London. With our fab suggestions for family-friendly shows, brilliant interactive daytime activities, and yummy treats to enjoy, it's as easy as Sunday morning to mix and match and create a wonderful London day trip for whole family.

Daytime activities

Here at ATG Towers reckon these London daytime attractions are some of the very best things to do around (with kids or, frankly, without 'em). These suggestions are guaranteed to entertain, educate and excite.

Family-friendly shows

Panto isn't the only time of year to enjoy theatre en famille. There's wide range of fantastic family-friendly shows around London, and we've outlined some of the best are below. There's nothing quite like watching a show surrounded by loved ones. Promise.

Delicious treats

It's a funny old thing, but the right treats can really make a child's day. And treats we have aplenty: from divine creamy ice cream to the finest pick 'n' mix or lovely pre-theatre restaurant options, we've got it covered.

Natural History Museum

If nothing else about this museum captures your children's imagination (unlikely), the absolutely colossal dinosaur skeleton in the central entrance hall certainly will.


Wicked is bound to impress. With superb special effects,an outstanding set, and a kaleidoscope of colours, this is a show like no other. If you want to get children into the joys of theatre, this is the one for you.

Sweetie Darlings

Who doesn't love a good ole pick n' mix? Lots of our theatres have these lovely carts, complete with staff in boaters and the best of the best of old school sweets.

Science Museum

The Science Museum gets the balance just right between fun and educational. Do you like learning through interactive games? If you do, look no further. This is a gem of a museum and will make you proud that it's British.

Disney's The Lion King

With Elton John's superb songs and all the classic one liners you could hope for, The Lion King's characters, story and songs are a compulsory feature of everyone's childhood.

Beechdean Ice Cream

We don't know what it is about ice cream at the theatre, but we think it's dreamy. The ice cream we sell is completely natural and we reckon it nicely embodies everything there is to love about the beautiful British countryside.

Harry Potter Studios Tour

Potty for Potter? Go behind the scenes and explore the Harry Potter film set. Here's a unique chance to find out what Butterbeer really tastes like, to discover how the film got made and check out the magical sets and costumes.

The Railway Children

E Nesbit’s classic novel is brought to life for the stage and features a custom stage built around a real train track with a stunning 60-tonne locomotive. Who could ask for more?


We've been jazzing up our London bars no end. They're lovely places in which you can sit back, relax, and have a delish drink, packet of crisps or a cheeky little chocolate. Or two. Deal Done.

ZSL London Zoo

From Tiger Territory to Penguin Beach there's something for everyone at ZSL London Zoo. Marvel at Meerkats, coo over the Coatis and leap around with Lemurs. It's a family day out you'll never forget!

Hetty Feather

Best-selling author Jacqueline Wilson's award winning Hetty Feather returns to the stage for a limited run this Summer. Featuring dazzling aerial and circus skills you won't want to miss this spectacular event!

Variety Box

We've got a perfect package to complete your evening with ice cream, crisps, Cadbury's Buttons and water for the little ones - and a personal bottle of wine for the grown-ups! Find out more here to pre-book and save.

London Dungeons

A whirlwind 90 minute journey through 1000 years of London's murky past, with special effects, live performances and rides aplenty, it's fun, fascinating and maybe a little bit scary...

The Woman in Black

This might be one for the slightly older kids, or at least those who have seen and enjoyed the recent Daniel Radcliffe film version of The Woman in Black. But if they do happen to be a fan of a bit of fear, there's nothing like a bit of scary stage stuff to really capture the imagination.

Meal + Show Offers

There are simply loads of meal packages to choose from, including family-friendly restaurants Pizza Express, Hard Rock Cafe and Bella Italia. For full listings of restaurant and show package deals, go to our Meal Packages page here.

Sealife Aquarium

Who doesn't love a little insight into the mysterious world under the sea...? 'Cos darling it's better, down where it's wetter, under the sea.' Check out sharks, stingrays, turtles, clownfish, octopus and penguins galore, The Little Mermaid has got nothing on this.

Dinosaur Zoo

This is a brilliant opportunity for young children to interact with extraordinarily life-like dinosaurs in a fun and imaginative live show. Watch out though - not all of these ravenous reptiles are as tame as they seem!

Cadbury Treats to Share

Whether you want these goodies as treats to share or ones you'd prefer to munch by your lonesome, nothing beats Cadbury's. It's important to mix up the classics with some slightly jazzier options; either way, they've all become firm faves.