Scouting For Girls

UK Tour (2 venues)

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Sat 6 Nov - Wed 17 Nov 2021

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Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone
Sat 6 Nov 2021


Victoria Hall, Stoke-on-Trent
Wed 17 Nov 2021
Indie-pop band Scouting For Girls initially responded to 2020 by surrounding themselves with sources of comfort and escapism, things from what felt like a simpler time. Going back to the music and culture of their childhoods in the 1980s, the band regrouped during what should have been a summer of festivals, and the result is a joyous album of 80s covers alongside some incredible new tracks, and an optimism that 2021 can be everything that 2020 was not!

UK tour (2 venues)

Sat 6 Nov - Wed 17 Nov 2021
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Easy Cover (a pun-tastic title on 80s hero Phil Collins ‘Easy Lover’) was almost titled

Scouting For Girls Just Wanna Have Fun as it perfectly encapsulated the spirit of both the album and the bands legendary live shows.

Originally intended as a rather sedate acoustic EP the first recordings were discarded as trying a little too hard to be something different, clever or even dare we say it, a bit serious. As frontman Roy Stride put the project back on the shelf he reminded himself that Scouting for Girls should never try to be serious or clever!

Then came lockdown and for the first time in ages Roy found himself with spare time and an empty studio. In need of some serious cheering up, he reopened the recording sessions, envisaged playing the songs live and stripped away anything that was either too earnest or pretentious.

The result is a fun indie pop reimagining of some of the biggest songs from the 80s. A decade that had it all, from fantastic unashamedly pop masterpieces to incredible indie-alt bands. Easy Cover is a joyous celebration of that golden era of music with Scouting For Girls revisiting their favorite childhood musical moments, from Tears For Fears, The Waterboys, Cyndi Lauper, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins and much more.

“We’re not trying to do justice to these songs! That’s impossible. We’re just trying to have fun and take them out on the road to give people the night out they deserve after 2020!”

However it’s not just covers and Roy (who has song writing credits with One Direction, Five Seconds of Summer & The Vamps) was soon inspired to write some original material inspired by the decade. Upcoming single I Wish It Was 1989 (“An anthem for 2020!”) and album closer and new single Xmas In The 80s (“A nostalgic longing for when Santa was called Father Christmas") are already set to be Scouting fan favourites and show Roy’s unique song writing at its very best.

UK Tour (2 venues)

Sat 6 Nov - Wed 17 Nov 2021
For group bookings of 10 or more: