Happy Hour Live - The Round Sheep Tour

Happy Hour Live - The Round Sheep Tour


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Happy Hour Live - The Round Sheep Tour is the first (and possibly last depending on how it goes) tour from the smash hit Spotify podcast JaackMaate’s Happy Hour. Presented by JaackMaate, Stevie White and Robbie KnoxHappy Hour is the most popular British podcast on Spotify and regularly tops the most listened to charts.

Happy Hour Live - The Round Sheep Tour

Happy Hour Live will feature plenty of shenanigans and fan favourites like Martin the Guinea Pig Centipede, Creepy Library and Mack Bean, as well as fan unfavourites, like Urban Legends.

There will be a chance for the audience to confess their sins, as well as a Q&A so you can finally get an answer to your burning question from the Happy Hour gang.

Get your tickets now so Stevie doesn’t have to beg for his old job back flogging glasses to pensioners.