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Richmond Theatre Articles

Explore our collection of articles delving into the rich history and notable appearances of one of Richmond’s oldest surviving theatres. From its inception in 1899, designed by renowned architect Frank Matcham, to its present-day status as a Grade-II listed venue, Richmond Theatre is the home of pre- and post-West End drama, to record-breaking musicals, opera, dance and family entertainment.


What’s in a name? 

April, 2022

Did you know that during its 125 years, Richmond Theatre has had several different names? Find out more about the transformations that have shaped our theatre.

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December, 2022

Discover Richmond's theatre history of iconic pantomimes, from beloved classics to surprising moments like Julian Clary's This Is Your Life.

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To Wake the Soul

April, 2023

Explore the timeless beauty of Richmond Theatre, a masterpiece by Frank Matcham, adorned with exquisite details and rich history.

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On The Screen

August, 2023

Discover the rich cinematic history of Richmond Theatre, from classic films like Bugsy Malone to modern hits like Ted Lasso.

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A Grand Entrance

September, 2022

Step into Richmond Theatre's foyer, a blend of old-world charm and modern touches, adorned with historical plaques and a captivating painted ceiling.

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