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Ambassadors Cinemas, Woking

Ambassadors Cinemas, Woking

Each Friday during school term time The Ambassadors Cinemas present Baby Flicks.  A great way for parents and guardians  to enjoy the latest blockbuster movie without worrying if their baby is restless or needs changing half way through the movie.

There is space for buggies so a sleeping baby need not be disturbed and all the baby paraphernalia attached to the average buggy can stay right where it is in case needed.  Screenings are schedules for around midday and the lighting in the screen is kept slightly brighter than usual so that parents can see to feed or change their babies and keep an eye on active toddlers, and the sound level will be reduced to protect tiny ear drums.  All screenings are 12A or lower and tickets are priced as normal children under 12 months are free.  Details of the screenings are advertised on the weekly cinema leaflet and on the website.
A great movie, a welcoming baby friendly environment and a perfect cup of coffee will give mums, dads, grandparents, child minders and baby sitters a wonderful treat to share with other mums and babies at the end of the week.