UK Tour (3 venues)

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Mon 21 Feb - Sun 27 Mar 2022

  Tickets available from £13.00 to £44.00
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Grand Opera House York
Mon 21 Feb 2022


Richmond Theatre
Sun 27 Mar 2022


Theatre Royal Brighton
Mon 7 Mar 2022
The most famous Gothic horror story of all time.

UK tour (3 venues)

Mon 21 Feb - Sun 27 Mar 2022
For group bookings of 10 or more:

Few stories capture the imagination more powerfully than Dracula.

But when James Gaddas (‘Bad Girls’, ‘Coronation Street’, ‘Medics’ etc) comes across Bram Stoker’s original handwritten copy while working on a satellite channel TV show, what he reads chills him to the bone.

From strange encounters in the Count’s castle in Transylvania, to his ghostly arrival on a ship of death off the coast of Whitby, through midnight seductions and a heroic pursuit across Europe, racing against the setting of the sun – all have served to thrill and excite readers in equal measure.

But this copy contains pages never actually published and leads him to a terrifying discovery.

What if everything we thought we knew – was just the beginning? What if it’s not a story – but a warning! What if the legend – is real!

Gaddas brings the original version to life – before sharing his discovery in this electrifying stage show. One actor, fifteen characters. One monumental decision.

Are some things better left buried?!

Directed by Pip Minnithorpe (UK Associate Director – ‘Harry Potter and The Cursed Child’)

Original Music by Jeremy Swift (acclaimed actor - ‘Downtown Abbey’, ‘Ted Lasso’ etc, and composer)

Illusion Design by John Bulleid (Illusions behind the Olivier Award-Winning ‘The Worst Witch’)

UK Tour (3 venues)

Mon 21 Feb - Sun 27 Mar 2022
For group bookings of 10 or more: