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Office Internship

A selection of previous ATG Office Interns that continue to work in different parts of the company.

The Ambassador Theatre Group’s office internship offers a fantastic opportunity to gain paid experience in theatre administration and to form a wide understanding of the workings of a large commercial theatre company.

Over the course of three months, interns provide general administrative support and contribute to the smooth running of ATG’s busy London offices. This includes periods with each of the teams in our Charing Cross Road base, providing valuable experience in a broad range of administration tasks. More information on the role you will play in the team is provided below. 

The Office Internship is a well-regarded, established scheme. It is different to other internships you may have come across; it is not the same as work experience and you will be considered a contributor to the company from day one. Since 2012, 97% of office interns have gone on to work for ATG immediately following the internship, and 63% are still employed by the company today.

What does the internship entail? 

What career does this scheme lead to? 

Hear from some of our past interns

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the internship entail?

Each internship lasts for thirteen weeks, made up of placements with departments based in our London offices. Interns spend three weeks on the Property & Operations floor, three weeks with Ticketing, three weeks with Production & Programming, and four weeks with Reception, Business Development and ATG’s Personal and Executive Assistants. 
In each department your time will be split between tasks we have planned in advance and tasks that come up during the course of your time with us (including on the day!). 
You will be supported by the Learning Partnerships Manager throughout your time here alongside an individual manager in each department. Throughout the three months interns are encouraged to arrange meetings with as many staff within the company as possible, to find out about their roles and career path. 

Property & Operations 

Over three weeks with Operations, interns work primarily with the Property team, who are responsible for our buildings, interior design and technical facilities management, and the Risk Management team, who are responsible for risk assessment, insurance and sustainability. Tasks could range from assisting the Property Administrator with the general management of the office through to historic design research for our interior design team. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to spend some time with Creative Learning and Customer Experience, shadow frontline staff in a venue, and watch a show get in. The Operations team also includes UK Business Development; if an opportunity to work with the team is not possible, we encourage interns to meet staff for a one-to-one to find out more about their role.


Ticketing is the largest department at ATG and includes teams responsible for sales, pricing, marketing and our online presence. The majority of your time will be spent in the office where you will get to be involved in a variety of projects, particularly with the Revenue Management and Digital Marketing teams. You can expect to get into a daily routine managing the meeting room diary and reporting on ticket sales, while your project work will change depending on what's happening at the time. You will also get to visit a busy London Box Office to see what happens as a theatre prepares for a show.

Production & Programming

Interns will spend three weeks working in this department, which encompasses Production, Programming, Casting, Production Marketing, and General Management. These teams oversee all production elements from the initial idea to closing night. The work you’ll do here is task-based depending on which productions we are working on at the time, and you will also have daily responsibilities, including assisting in the day to day running of the office and distributing reviews, coupled with ad-hoc tasks that could range from booking travel, reading scripts, or assisting with press nights for the latest ATG production.

Reception, Commercial Development & Executive Assistants

For the final four weeks interns are based in our busy reception, during which time your broad experience of every department will come into its own! You can expect to get involved in all aspects of managing a busy office reception, from receiving calls to arranging meetings for our executive team and their guests. During this period interns will meet with the company’s Personal and Executive Assistants, who work closely with the company’s senior leadership team and play a critical role in ensuring the smooth running of the organisation. You will also meet with Business Affairs and Commercial Development; these teams are responsible for legal and contracting work, and driving ATG’s growth and improvement, as well as overseeing the process of corporate mergers and acquisitions, both in the UK and overseas.


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What career does this scheme lead to?

Below you'll find just a few examples of the roles previous interns have gone on to after their internship. A job isn't guaranteed at the end, and of course it will depend on your skills and the jobs being advertised at the time, but this list should give you an idea of the kind of role that the internship might lead on to.

  • Business & Legal Affairs Assistant
  • Customer Experience Assistant
  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Events Officer
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Office Administrator
  • Personal Assistant to Executive Directors
  • Production Assistant
  • Property Administrator
  • Property Officer
  • Revenue Management Analyst
  • Stage Door Keeper
  • Ticketing Operations Assistant
  • Venue Administrator

Where are they now?

Graduates from this internship now work for a wide range of organisations and ATG teams including:
ATG Business Affairs
ATG Corporate Development
ATG Customer Experience
ATG Productions
ATG theatres (both London and regional venues)
ATG Tickets
ATG UK Business Development
First Family Entertainment
Jamie Wilson Productions
Literary agencies
Playful Productions
Royal Ballet School
The Corner Shop PR
UK Theatre

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Hear from some of our past interns.

Chloe Newton is the Office Administrator at ATG’s Charing Cross Road reception. She completed the internship in 2016.

The office internship provided me with an invaluable opportunity to gain as much knowledge and practical experience of working in a busy office and commercial theatre company. Having an understanding of how the various departments work together is extremely useful, no matter which area you endeavour to work in. It has broadened my mind to the range of roles within this industry and enriched my passion for theatre. 

The staff who work at ATG could not have been more encouraging or generous with their knowledge and advice, and I will always be grateful for that. In short, the office internship has given me the best foundations for starting my career in theatre!

Jack Bull completed the internship in 2016 and immediately joined the Harold Pinter Theatre as Administrator.

For me, the ATG Office Internship was an invaluable insight and introduction to the company and theatre industry as a whole. My time spent as an intern was fun and inspiring, as well as challenging and educational. I loved it! There is so much support for the internship programme within ATG, and everybody that you work with is so generous with their time and knowledge that I learned even more than I thought I would. I'm really pleased to still be working for ATG, and applying a lot of the skills and knowledge I developed during the internship in my current role.

Imogen Sarre undertook the internship in 2012. She went on to work for ATG in the Digital team and now works for a literary agency.

Having personally graduated from ATG's office internship scheme into a job at ATG, I hope that the enthusiasm with which I now highlight its glories is taken as sincerely as it is given:

  • Payment: The fact it is paid does automatically set it apart from pretty much every other theatre internship programme in London, but payment doesn't only help you survive the daily Oyster-deduction on the tube, face down your parents' anxieties about the turbulence of the theatre industry, and provide those living outside London with the very real possibility of actually being able to make the move to the big smoke. It also instils a very real sense of your value to the organisation that has mutual benefits. It means you're given real tasks, treated as a real employee, and get real office experience.
  • Variety: from all the internship schemes I've looked at, hand on heart I have yet to find another one that gives you such a broad overview of the wide range of the roles that contribute to the commercial theatre industry.
  • Career-focused: Ultimately, you want a couple of things from an internship: tangible employer-friendly experience that's going to help out your CV, and a better understanding of the direction you should take next in your job hunt. ATG's internship exposes you to a vast number of people and possible jobs, as well as giving you CV-useful office experience. It is also accompanied by superb mentoring, career advice and the very real possibility of a job at the end.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by 'arts administration'?

'Arts administration' means the necessary day-to-day administration that helps a professional arts office to function, in order to achieve Company aims and objectives. Tasks can come in many forms and each day can be different: however, the arts administrator's role will always aid the general running and improvement of the office.

Please note that although the internship includes time supporting the Production department with administration tasks, it is not intended as a scheme for aspiring producers.

When would I start?

Our internship runs throughout the year, with a new post starting every five weeks. We advertise the upcoming start dates with the person specification on our jobs page.

How long is the internship?

Each internship lasts 13 weeks, with three weeks in Property, three weeks in Ticketing, three weeks in Production and Programming, and four weeks with Reception and Executive Assistants. The content of these weeks is agreed depending on the intern's interests and the needs of the business at that time.

Is the internship paid? 

Yes. The internship is paid on an hourly rate, and is full time (40 hours per week).

Where would I work?

Your main place of work will be ATG's offices in Charing Cross Road, London.

What are the hours?

Normal office hours are 10am till 6pm. However, as a theatre company, many events and tasks take place outside of office hours and so some flexibility may be required. This is particularly likely during your time in the production office.

Who can apply?

Anyone who is ready to start a career in theatre administration is welcome to apply. There are no age restrictions or requisite qualifications.

Please note this internship is not suitable for those still studying; if you are part way through a degree or other course, and would need to return to studying after the internship, you are not eligible. It is not possible to undertake this internship instead of a placement as part of your course. This is because we are looking for candidates who are ready to start their career in theatre administration, who are likely to go on to work with us afterwards.

I already work for ATG. Does this exclude me from applying?

No. If you fulfil the other characteristics in the person specification you are very welcome to apply.

Will I be guaranteed a job at the end of the internship?

A job will not be guaranteed, but it is expected that job vacancies will arise at the Ambassador Theatre Group which will interest you.

What is the recruitment process?

The recruitment process includes an application form, an assessment day and an interview. Each application form is scored by two independent members of staff against the criteria set out in the person specification and the highest scoring candidates are invited to the assessment day. Interviews take place on the same day.

Unfortunately, as a result of the number of applications we receive, we are unable to offer feedback on your application form if you are not invited to the assessment day, unless you already work for ATG.

When will applications open?

We usually recruit four times per year, for three or four vacancies at a time. We don’t currently have any dates planned in, while we review the content and structure of the internship, but all opportunities will be published on our careers website. If you’d like to stay in touch and receive updates when we recruit you can sign up for job alerts which will let you know when a new opportunity arises. Please scroll to the bottom of any page on the careers site for the ‘subscribe’ link.

How many applications do you receive? 
We usually receive 120 to 150 applications each time we advertise, equalling 40 to 50 applications per role.

I need a visa to work in the UK. Can ATG sponsor me? 
No. ATG cannot sponsor candidates. You must have the right to work in the UK in order to undertake the internship.
Does ATG operate other internship programmes?
Occasionally we do offer internships in other parts of the company, although these are infrequent. These will be advertised on the ATG Tickets website.
What is the difference between the Office Internship and the Graduate Scheme? 
The Office Internship is focussed on arts administration, whereas the Graduate Scheme is focussed on theatre management. The internship is a highly regarded, successful scheme in its own right and is not designed to lead on to the graduate scheme.
Office Interns work with us for three months, primarily in the Charing Cross Road offices in London, and complete the scheme with the skills, experience and understanding of the company necessary to progress to junior roles in teams across the business. Past interns have progressed to a wide range of careers, both within ATG and externally.
The Graduate Scheme lasts for two years and is focussed specifically on senior venue management roles. You can find out more on the graduate scheme page here
Both schemes include the opportunity to learn about the wide variety of work ATG does and the different roles available in the company but the resulting career paths are intended to be different. The Office Internship is focussed on broad administrative skills that are relevant to all job roles, and at the end of the internship interns typically move on to junior roles in specialist ‘shared services’ departments or administrator roles in venues. Graduate trainees however must be focussed on theatre management and venue operations, but will learn about the different departments and functions so that they have a thorough understanding of how the business works as a whole. We think this will set trainees up well for senior venue management roles as these roles are ‘generalist’ and require you to have a good understanding of all elements of the business. 
I want to work in theatre, but not in administration. Where should I go?
There are many ways you can gain relevant experience or find relevant jobs in the industry.

At ATG, you could:

Take part in a Creative Learning project
Undertake work experience
Check out job vacancies in the company
Undertake a technical apprenticeship
Apply for our Graduate Scheme in theatre management

For jobs and experience outside of ATG, you can find many opportunities on the following websites:

Get into Theatre 
Guardian Jobs
Stage One
The Stage 
Escape the City
The Dots
The Creative Society
Pitch It
Leonard Cheshire
Creative Access
Opportunity Knocks newsletter


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