The Seagull

£15 Rush Tickets

Your next chance to secure exclusive £15 tickets for The Seagull will be on Wednesday 29 June at 12pm.

The Seagull Rush Tickets

These seats can be booked if you (and your theatre companions) are:

  • under 30 years of age; or
  • a key worker (including NHS employees, emergency services, teachers, social workers and those involved in food production, processing, distribution, sale and delivery) ; or
  • currently receiving government benefits (including Universal Credit, Job Seekers Allowance and Employment and Support Allowance)



Tickets released Wed 29 June, 12pm

Tickets released Wed 27 July, 12pm

Wed 13 Jul, 2:30pm - SOLD OUT

Wed 27 Jul, 2:30pm - Buy TicketsWed 24 Aug, 2:30pm - Available 27th July

Mon 18 Jul, 7:30pm - SOLD OUT

Mon 1 Aug, 7:30pm - Buy TicketsMon 29 Aug, 7:30pm - Available 27th July

Wed 10 Aug, 2:30pm - Buy TicketsWed 7 Sep, 2:30pm - Available 27th July
 Mon 15 Aug, 7:30pm - Buy Tickets




  • When are #SeagullRush tickets released, and what performances can I buy them for?
  • You will have three opportunities to book £15 Rush tickets for The Seagull:Mon 6 June, 12pm: you will be able to book for performances on 13 July (2.30pm) and 18 July (7.30pm)Wed 29 June, 12pm: you will be able to book for performances on 27 July (2.30pm), 1 August (7.30pm), 10 August (2.30pm) and 15 August (7.30pm)Wed 27 July, 12pm: you will be able to book for performances on 24 August (2.30pm), 29 August (7.30pm) and 7 September (2.30pm)
  • I can’t find these seats – where are they?
  • The £15 seats are only discoverable via the booking button above. Please ensure you select the appropriate performances as outlined below.
  • Who is eligible to book #SeagullRush tickets?
  • These £15 seats are available exclusively to under-30’s, key workers and those who receive government benefits – as part of the Jamie Lloyd Company’s commitment to audience development. Valid ID will be required upon arrival, so please only purchase these seats if you are eligible.
  • How many tickets can I book?
  • Those who successfully make it through the queue can purchase a maximum of 4 tickets across the run.
  • If I book multiple tickets, does everyone need to be eligible and have valid ID?
  • If your age makes you eligible (ie. you are under 30), you will need to attend with people who are also under 30 and also have valid ID. If you are a key worker or receiving JSA or benefits, your companion will not need to show any ID of their own.