A Doll's House | £15 Performances

If you’re under 30, a key worker and receiving government benefits – you will be able to book exclusive £15 tickets for specific Monday evening and Thursday matinee performances of A Doll's House, starring Jessica Chastain.

The first release of £15 tickets will be on Monday 8th June at 12pm, when you should return to this webpage and click on the ‘Book now’ button. To receive a reminder just before tickets go on sale, sign up via the button below.

Supported by British Airways, The Jamie Lloyd Company is deepening their commitment to making theatre more accessible by hosting special performances on select Monday evenings and Thursday matinees throughout the Jamie Lloyd Company season at the Playhouse. If you are eligible to attend, we very much hope you’ll join us!

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Who is eligible to book these £15 performances?
These tickets are available exclusively to under-30’s, key workers and those receiving job seekers allowance or similar government benefits – as part of the Jamie Lloyd Company’s commitment to audience development. Valid ID will be required in order to collect tickets or entry will be denied, and it won’t be possible to do so until 90 minutes before the performance.

When and where can I book the tickets?
The first opportunity to book £15 performances of A Doll's House will be on Monday 8th June at 12pm. You will be able to join an online queue shortly before midday, and then have up to 48 hours (or until all the tickets have sold out) to pick between four specific performances on Thursday 23rd July (matinee), Monday 27th July (evening), Thursday 6th August (matinee) and Monday 10th August (evening).

Tickets can only be purchased via this webpage, and aren’t bookable via any other means (eg. any other page on ATGTickets.com, in person or over the phone – with the exception of access patrons who are encouraged to ring the dedicated ATG access booking line.

How many £15 tickets are available for A Doll's House, and how many were available for the other plays in the Playhouse season?
5000 tickets, priced at £15, will be exclusively available to under-30’s, key workers and government benefit receivers for A Doll's House.

A further 5000 tickets have already sold for Cyrano de Bergerac, and in Feb 2020, we’ll also be putting on sale a total of 5000 tickets for The Seagull, starring Emilia Clarke - sign up for those here.

How many tickets can I book?
Those who successfully make it through the queue can purchase a maximum of 4 tickets each.

Does every person in my group need to have valid ID?
If your age makes you eligible (ie. you are under 30), you will need to attend with other people who are also under 30 and also have valid ID. If you are a key worker or receiving government benefits, your companions do not need to show ID of their own. 

Why can’t my tickets be delivered in the post?
ID checks are required to ensure these tickets are used only by those eligible to receive them as part of the scheme’s commitment to audience development.

I have specific access requirements that affect where I’d be able to sit. Should I book online?
If you are a patron with specific needs (eg. a wheelchair user), you should book via our dedicated access booking line on 08009126971.

What is a key worker?
We define a key worker as someone employed by the public sector who delivers an essential public service in the areas of health, education and community safety. This includes, but is not limited to, state school teachers and nursery nurses, clinical NHS staff (except doctors and dentists), police and community support and prison officers, probation service staff, firefighters, social workers, educational psychologists and Highways England traffic officers.

How can I be reminded when the next batch of £15 seats are released?
To receive an email reminder 30 minutes before the next 12pm Monday release, enter your details click here.

I am not eligible to purchase these specific £15 tickets. Are there other ways to buy tickets at a similar price?
Yes! £15 day seats (front row stalls) will be available for every performance after Press Night – and these have no specific eligibility criteria. They’ll be bookable exclusively in person (at the Playhouse Theatre Box Office) from 10 am on the day you want to attend. Limit of x2 tickets per person, tickets sold on a first come, first served basis and subject to availability. Tickets will be released at the discretion of the Box Office.

£15 balcony seats are also bookable online for every performance of A Doll's House, although these are of course first-come first-served, and are bookable through the main show page here.