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No Quibble - T&Cs

‘No Quibble’ must be purchased at the same time as your Original Ticket purchase. ‘No Quibble’ cannot retrospectively be added to previous orders, or purchased in isolation.

Ticket(s) can be exchanged for a seat(s) of the same value or higher upon payment of the difference in value. Prices for same seats may vary when they are re-booked for an alternative date. If the total cost of your exchanged booking is lower than your original total cost the difference will be forfeited. Ticket(s) within the Original booking cannot be part exchanged. Exchanges and refunds under ‘No Quibble’ are applicable to the entirety of the Original booking

If You are unable to be exchanged into an alternative performance or show, We will refund to voucher the total value of your Original booking minus the total cost of the ‘No Quibble’ fee(s) paid at point of purchase. ‘No Quibble’ does not offer You a cash refund. Monies refunded to voucher are subject to Our standard Terms and Conditions of Sale for ATG Vouchers.  ATG Vouchers are valid for 18 months (Clause 16). If a discount has been applied to the Ticket(s), then this will only be honoured within the original terms and conditions of the offer.

If your booking includes a package, and You choose to exchange, we cannot guarantee the same is valid on your chosen alternative date. We will advise you at time of You activating ‘No Quibble’ and recommend best alternatives.

‘No Quibble’ is available to purchase on bookings containing up to a maximum of 9 tickets, unless Event specific ticket limits may apply. Event specific ticket limits will be communicated to you at point of purchase.

If you have already received your tickets and activate ‘No Quibble’, Your Original tickets will be void and must be returned to Us by post, or You must provide confirmation of the destruction of the tickets and any Ticket Related Vouchers via email.

All tickets within the original booking must be exchanged under ‘No Quibble’.  Part exchanges are not permitted.

‘No Quibble’ can only be redeemed in one new transaction.

Your ‘No Quibble’  request must be submitted via our Customer Contact Centre on 0333 009 6690 or via email @ [email protected]