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Zach Braff - He's the Zach of all trades...

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Zach Braff recently sat down with ShortList Magazine to discuss All New People, why he loves England and more...

There are some celebrities that you genuinely believe could be your friend. After watching Garden State and all nine seasons of Scrubs, we were pretty much convinced that Zach Braff would make a pretty good start to our (still in progress) wolf pack.

The multi-talented Braff might have been out of the limelight for a brief period but he's making one hell of a comeback. As well as a role in Sam Raimi's Wizard of Oz prequel, Braff is also headlining a new play called All New People. Of course, he's not just starring in it. He also wrote the damn thing. We haven't yet had confirmation on whether he lit it too...

We sat down to have a chat with the Braffster (that's what we'd call him if we started hanging out) and he talked about his new play, what he loves about England and the possibility of a Scrubs movie.

All New People starts its national tour in Manchester on February 8th before it moves to Glasgow and London.