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Tom Conti - Star and producer of Rough Justice

A day in my life is a trial to describe because rarely are two consecutive days the same - unless working. If filming, the start can be gruesomely early. For 'A Closed Book' with Darryl Hannah when I played a blind author, I wore a facial prosthesis so was in the make-up trailer at five am. That meant rising at four to shave and drive to the location.  Shooting began at eight and continued until seven pm. Another hour to carefully remove the prosthesis, put stuff on my face to prevent it from bursting into flames, followed by the drive home, made supper around nine-thirty. Important to be in bed by eleven so that I could get five hours of sleep before the rise again at four am. A fairly hefty day.  If working in America, the shooting day is not eleven but twelve hours long.

All my adult life I have longed, without success, to achieve order. When I am at home, whether or not I'm writing, order eludes me. If writing, my intention is always to wake, usually just after six, have some fruit and begin work. Stop for coffee and croissants around nine, look at the paper - which is counter-productive since it invariably puts me in a rage - and start writing again from ten until one. Then ideally, lunch with engaging people and wine, a sleep until four then back to work for a couple of hours; a cocktail such as a Balalaika (two vodka, two triple sec, one lemon juice, shaken in ice and served in a salted glass) supper with friends then bed with someone gorgeous, obviously. Fat chance! I slug it in bed until eight thirty, find any excuse to avoid the keyboard, find no croissants in the freezer, fritter the morning away in pointless pursuits, buy croissants, become distracted by something so don't eat them until nearly one. No lunch, no wine, no sleep.  Finally start writing after one, continue until the grandchildren arrive from school, play with them (best bit). No Balalaika because it'd put me to sleep for two hours, and no dinner with friends and the idea of bed with gorgeous girl is completely fanciful. I'll continue to dream though, if I may.

Rough Justice is at Richmond Theatre from Mon 3  - Sat 8 Sep. Please click here for more information.