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Third Finger, Left Hand: Reviews


The Times

‘Two mesmerising hours’

‘It is an everyday delight that renowned actors turn willingly to tiny venues and less-known playwrights’

‘Sometimes these little stages offer experiences more intense and brilliant than many grander ones.’

‘Niamh is played by Imogen Stubbs in one of her finest performances, which is saying a lot’

‘it is a technical masterclass, and more importantly, the story it tells moves you to tears.’


Time Out

‘Preston-born Canavan has both a keen ear for the magical promise of the everyday’

‘Daniels reveals a gift for physical humour and Stubbs, a northern voice that sounds like the product of decades in working men’s clubs rather than weeks in the rehearsal room’

‘There’s a pure joy to be had in watching two interesting parts for women inhabited by two brilliant actresses with such appreciative and collaborative force’


The Public Reviews

‘an anecdote about a tortoise is funnier than anything in The Book of Mormon’

‘It’s a debut play but it sings with the voice of experience and it would be hard to see how anyone could fail to see resonances in its exploration of family, memory and being able to forgive, even at the final moments.’

‘Ian Talbot directs Imogen Stubbs as the more daring Niamh and Amanda Daniels as the more pragmatic Grace {…} with a wonderful sense of liberation, allowing both actresses to revel in a free and easy performance style which sees them slip quickly between different ages of the women, but also into the shoes of other characters in order to populate their storytelling with a vibrancy that is near impossible to resist’


‘Daniels is really excellent at capturing the preteen manifestation of Grace, amusing but never caricatured, appealing but never cloying’

‘Rekindling of my temporarily-forgotten love for the glorious Imogen Stubbs.’

The British Theatre Guide

‘Imogen Stubbs and Amanda Daniels are hilarious and deeply moving in Dermot Canavan’s debut play’

‘Daniels and Stubbs work effortlessly together and display dazzling acting prowess and versatility,’

‘Director Ian Talbot has a great deal of experience with musicals, and this is evident in Third Finger, Left Hand. The music, so important to Niamh and Grace, is interwoven naturally with their memories never detracting from the storyline but enhancing the vividness of their memories’


West End Frame

‘Third Finger, Left Hand is a very simple show which will make you laugh and cry like you never have before.’

‘Every single line is spoken believably and performed with depth.’

‘Third Finger, Left Hand is theatre at its very best. The production strips everything back, yet still manages to be a very powerful and moving piece of theatre. A must see.’



‘fluidly directed by Ian Talbot’

‘exceptionally well-acted by Imogen Stubbs and Amanda Daniels’

‘it's a pleasure to watch two such gifted performers’


The Stage

‘Imogen Stubbs, blonde hair flying, hurtles around the stage, effortlessly changing from bossy child to sassy dancer to wasted patient, managing at one point to act out her father’s beating so that we seem to see both aggressor and victim. Amanda Daniels is equally good, timing her comic lines to perfection and slipping easily into other characters to flesh out a story’

‘The dance sequences are given proper joyous emphasis.’

‘chronicling a very believable sibling relationship.’



‘Imogen Stubbs and Amanda Daniels are perfectly cast in Dermot Canavan's brutal but warm recollection of two sisters’

‘A joy to savour long after the curtain falls on two gutting performances by Amanda Daniels and Imogen Stubbs.’