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The House Wine: Extraordinary Wines For Your Home

It has been a pleasure working with Richmond Theatre this year and supplying wine for some of their corporate events.

At the House Wine we taste hundreds of wines in our hunt for delicious wines that are off the beaten track, we are totally independent and choose our wines on one criteria - taste. You won’t find any of our wines on a supermarket shelf, you won’t even find many of them in a wine merchant but you will find some of them on the wine-lists of top restaurants. These wines come from all over the world and are hand-made in small quantities with dedication and passion and there just isn’t enough of them made to fill lots of shelves.

We know and love the wines we sell, we know where they come from and the people who make them and our customers get to know and love them too. Sound expensive? No, these wines are all well-priced and great for everyday drinking and entertaining. We have put together a special offer for Richmond Theatre to introduce you to our wines – click here for more details.

At the House Wine we also specialise in wine tastings, small or large, informal or tutored, we can offer a range of styles to suit, so if you want to know more about wine or you are looking for a fun social evening please get in touch via gwen@thehousewine.co.uk.

Please visit our website at www.thehousewine.co.uk.