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Life on a knife edge: World Sword Swallowers' Day

Approved by ATG's PR & Communications Officer, David Bradbury

On 25 February, Sword Swallowers around the world will celebrate World Sword Swallowers' Day by doing what they do best -- Swallowing swords!

Sword Swallowers Association International (SSAI) President Dan Meyer announced the 6th annual World Sword Swallowers' Day to raise awareness of sword swallowers around the world. Founded by SSAI and co-sponsored by Ripley's Believe It or Not, World Sword Swallowers' Day is set for 25 February in conjunction with February as National Swallowing Disorders Month.

In celebration of World Sword Swallowers' Day, more than 30 sword swallowers are expected to 'drop swords' at Ripley's Believe It or Not! Odditoriums worldwide on Saturday, 25 February at 2.25pm.

Sword swallowers have been risking their lives to perform sword swallowing for over 4000 years but many people either don't believe it's real, or they think the art has died out.

Dan Meyer, president of The Sword Swallowers Association said 'We established World Sword Swallowers' Day to promote this ancient art still carried on by a few dozen surviving performers -- to raise awareness of the medical contributions sword swallowers have made in the fields of medicine and science, to honour veteran performers, and to raise funds for oesophageal cancer research and the Injured Sword Swallowers' Relief Fund.'

In the UK, Ripley's Believe it or Not are co sponsoring the event & they will be joined in their west end attraction by members of The Circus of Horrors, including sword swallower Hannibal Hellmurto who will be swallowing a whole array of different swords.

The Circus of Horrors will be performing their full shock rock show The Ventriloquist as a part of it’s monster theatre tour taking the show all over the UK. It was to good an opportunity to miss and they agreed to bring Hannibal Helmurto, The Girl in the Bottle and Undead ringmaster Dr Haze of The Circus of Horrors along to Ripley's to help celebrate World Sword Swallowers day in such a cutting edge fashion.

World Sword Swallowers' Day:

Ripleys Believe it or Not
The London Pavilion
1 Piccadilly Circus
London W1J 0DA
From 2pm on Saturday 25 February