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Hot Flush star Lesley Joseph returns to our TV screens

Approved by ATG's PR & Communications Officer, David Bradbury

Lesley Joseph, star of upcoming musical Hot Flush, a hilarious, naughty show about friendships, secrets and laughs, is also appearing on our TV screens this month.

After 15 years away, Birds of a Feather, the hit TV series starring Lesley alongside Pauline Quirke and Linda Robson, is back. The show, first broadcast in 1989 and running until 1998, is a comedy about the lives of sisters Tracey, played by Linda Robson, and Sharon, played by Pauline Quirke.  Having both been left to fend for themselves after their husbands are arrested for armed robbery, they decide to move in together for moral support.  Lesley’s character Dorian, the sisters’ next door neighbour, is a wealthy married woman who always dresses provocatively and has affairs with much younger men throughout the series. The latest episode, broadcast this week, has already received some great feedback from critics and viewers alike, with singer and actor Matt Willis joining the cast as Tracey’s son Garth.

Hot Flush, Lesley’s current project, follows the stories, the tears and the ups and downs, of four ordinary women, and one man, who lead extraordinary lives. Lesley plays Myra, a  successful divorce barrister whose husband has left her for a blonde bimbo. Jessica (Ruth Keeling) is struggling to understand life in the midst of a mid-life crisis, while Sylvia (Lori Haley Fox) has been married to Joe since she was 20… and bored since she was 21! Helen (Anne Smith), a widow, is trying to take one day at a time; it’s just that sometimes several days attack her at once.

The show promises to be more fun than joining a gym and cheaper than botox, and is suitable for girlfriends, their friends and their men alike.

Hot Flush is at New Wimbledon Theatre from 4 – 5 March, 7.30pm.