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Headlong's 1984 gets doubleplusgood reviews

Headlong’s radical new staging of George Orwell’s iconic novel 1984 has received rave five star reviews from The Telegraph, The Guardian & The Times:

***** 'A remarkable, radical touring version for Headlong blazing with clinical, spine-tingling finesse. It points us back to the novel, revealing it as fully fit-for-purpose in the 21st century, and quite possibly timeless.'
The Telegraph

***** 'A superbly handled multimedia speculation on the nature of truth that never lets the audience off the hook.'

'The beauty of this Headlong production is that, in showing us the future, it makes us question the present. We leave the theatre less complacent about our own freedoms; less likely to swallow the lies of those who hold power.'

'Pitilessly brilliant retelling of the doomed love affair between Winston and Julia.'
The Guardian

***** 'This is a staging that reconsiders a classic with such steely power that it chills brain, blood and bone.'

'There have been plenty of theatrical versions of George Orwell’s seminal dystopian novel, some dripping high-tech gloss, others stark and Brechtian. I cannot remember another as terrifying as this.'

'Moments of savagery and tenderness collide and coalesce, magnified on a wall of live video footage.'
The Times

'Places the themes of Orwell’s text under harsh scrutiny; the production is complex and intricate, an interrogation into both the days of the Party and its aftermath. 1984 is astonishingly successful in bringing Orwell’s text to the stage.'

'This production is truly innovative. The employment of hidden cameras and screens, carried by actors or placed on props, broadcasts close-ups of intense scenes, not only mirroring the telescreens of Oceania but implicating the audience in the covert spying and undercover deceptions that have become habitual during the Party’s regime. '

'This production is ambitious, but achieves its aim with clarity and effect that only a truly brilliant production can - and 1984, without doubt, is a brilliant production.'
A Younger Theatre

'A theatrical tour de force that has the destructive power of an earthquake.'
The Stage

1984 opens at Richmond Theatre from Tue 22 - Sat 26 Oct.