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Churchill Theatre interviews Jenny Seagrove

Approved by ATG's PR & Communications Officer, David Bradbury

The stage at Churchill Theatre Bromley will be hotting up from Monday 30 July – Saturday 4 August, when Noel Coward’s recently discovered play Volcano comes to town. We caught up with starring actress, Jenny Seagrove.

You’ll be playing Adela Shelly in Noel Coward’s Volcano. Tell us a bit more about the play.

Volcano was loosely based on Noel Coward’s experiences in Jamaica. It is set on a Pacific island, in the shadow of an active volcano which becomes a loose metaphor for the sexual desires of some of the group of expats who form the cast of the play. It is a study of love, lust and loyalty.

What was the appeal of Adela’s role to you?

Adela is a very passionate woman, on the edge but just managing to maintain control. It will be fascinating to play someone so full of contradictions hidden under the surface!

The play is set in a beautiful house on a Caribbean island: many people’s idea of paradise. What would be your idea of paradise?

Paradise for me is any form of natural setting, inhabited by its own flora and fauna, without the hubbub of any urban development, where I can see the full extent of the galaxies without light pollution and hear my heart beat in the silence. Nature at its purest. Preferably to be shared by Bill, a couple of friends and my dogs!

This is the first major production of Noel Coward’s recently discovered gem. What do you think makes Noel Coward so special?

Noel Coward has the ability to look at people’s pain and make it funny. Having said that, this piece is more of a drama with some witty lines. But he does have a detailed and compassionate view of the human condition that reaches his audiences.

Finally, why should the people of Bromley come along to see Volcano?

Any new piece by a great writer – and Coward is a great writer- should be a source of excitement and curiosity. The Bromley audience has a history of loving their theatre, both dramatic and musical, and a new Coward play should be an event. We also have a very talented cast and a wonderful director on board, so it should be an intriguing, touching evening in the theatre, where some of the audience will go “oh my God, I’ve felt that!” There’s a lot of repressed sexual tension in the piece which should also make for quite a steamy evening!