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Blitz and Bananas on sale

Step back in time to Bromley, Autumn 1940, and experience the courage and kindness of young children during the Blitz.

Little Bessie Smiley and her sisters are inspired to do ‘war work’ and secretly set about helping people who have lost everything during the Blitz. However, their ‘Secret Operation’ brings 4-year-old Bessie face to face with the scariest man in town, the ‘Grumpy old Grandad’, played by TV actor Brian Murphy.

Blitz & Bananas is a feature-length drama based on true wartime memories from the Bromley/SE London area, created by local filmmaker and family historian, Anna Littler.

Shooting began with a group from Orpington Video and Film Makers but attracted so many volunteers that the film became a community project involving 150 people from 1 month to 91 years of age! Houses, vintage cars and air-raid shelters around the Bromley borough

Approved by ATG's PR & Communications Officer, David Bradbury

were used. Come and spot people and places you know!

Join the filmmaker and actors before the film for an educational ‘hands-on’ experience for the young or a trip down memory lane for the young at heart!

The film ties in with the national curriculum (Years 3/6) and is suitable for school aged children, but does contain verbal references to war and death.


2.30pm Film (with Wartime experience from 1.30pm)

Due to demand, extra screening also at: 5.30pm (with Wartime experience from 4.30pm)