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ATG's New Wines

Sparkling Wines

Belstar Prosecco, Venice, Italy
Wonderfully light and refreshing – fresh, floral and fruity.

Tasting note: This delicious sparkling wine comes from the Veneto region of northeast Italy. The grape variety used is Prosecco and it makes a very soft, fruity and refreshing wine with pear and floral flavours and aromas.

Graham Beck Brut Rose, Robertson, South Africa
Gorgeous, fresh and incredibly smooth this sparkling rose from South Africa is all you’d hope for and more

Tasting note: This is a delicious pink sparkling wine from South Africa. It is really top-notch quality made in a very modern, fresh and fruity style. The word ‘Brut’ tells you that this is dry although it has flavours and aromas of strawberries and raspberries.

ATG recommends Chapel Down Brut Sparkling, Kent, England
The perfect way to start an evening at the theatre! Fresh lemony flavours with soft bubbles and an elegant finish.

Tasting note: This is a very fresh and fruity sparkling wine which is made in England but is made in exactly the same way as Champagne. It has clean, crisp flavours and aromas of ripe, green apples and lemons with a hint of nuttiness.

White Wine

Gableview Sauvignon Blanc, South Africa
Light and fruity – a really easy-going style and a great all-rounder.

Tasting note: Dry and crisp with fresh tropical fruit aromas and flavours of gooseberry and lime with grassy, herbaceous notes. Refreshing and easy drinking.

ATG recommends Spee’Wah Pinot Grigio, South Australia
This is a fresh and fruity Pinot Grigio from Australia – it’s got a little more to it than its Italian cousin.

Tasting note: This Australian Pinot Grigio is a bolder and more interesting version of the Italian classic. It has lots of tropical fruit aromas, like melon and pineapples, as well as some citrus, lime flavours.

Rose Wine

The Bulletin Zinfandel Rose, California, USA
A sweeter style of rose – fun, fruity and an easy-going style

Tasting note: This has plenty of raspberry and watermelon fruit flavours. Juicy and light, it has refreshing bright acidity on the finish. A typically blackberry/cherry fruit dominated nose, is matched on the palate by ripe fruit very much to the fore with just enough supporting acidity to create a sound balance.

ATG recommends La Maglia Rosa Pinot Grigio Blush, Venice, Italy
Fresh, crisp and refreshing with just a hint of sweetness to make it smooth and elegant.

Tasting note: As well as white wine, the Pinot Grigio grape is also used to make a very pale rose. It’s got just a bit of sweetness to make it soft and very easy-drinking, it also has subtle flavours of raspberry and strawberry.

Red Wine

Kudu Plains Pinotage, South Africa
Friendly and approachable with ripe plum and blackcurrant fruit and a rounded finish.

Tasting note: This wine is a blend of two different varieties, the more common Cabernet Sauvignon and South Africa’s native grape Pinotage. This wine has ripe plum and blackcurrant fruit and a soft, rounded finish. The name Kudu is that of a type of antelope that roams across the plains of South Africa.

ATG recommends Delicato ‘Stone Burn’ Merlot, California
This Merlot is rich, ripe, smooth and well-rounded – it’s a real crowd-pleaser!

Tasting note: This wine is from California, USA and is an easy drinking fruit forward style of wine. It has a soft, velvety mouth feel with hints of ripe cherry fruit. Flavours of blueberries and blackberries shine through with hints of vanilla.