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ATG sales of Life Water provide a life line in India

Approved by ATG's PR & Communications Officer, David Bradbury

Sales of Life Water in Ambassador Theatre Group (ATG) venues have made a life-changing difference to two large communities in India, where fresh water wells have been installed, giving local inhabitants access to clean, safe drinking water.

For every bottle of Life Water sold in ATG theatres, money is then donated to an independent charity called drop4drop. Last year ATG customers bought 616,563 bottles of Life Water, which equates to 616,563,000 litres of water for the scheme.

Simon Konecki, Founder of Life Water, said:

'Through the sale of Life Water in ATG venues, theatre staff and theatre goers have really helped to transform two communities in India by providing clean drinking water. Over the last year or so our clean water projects have become more and more efficient and our scale is growing giving us the opportunity to dedicate wells for our larger customers, and on our last trip we installed two dedicated wells for ATG thanks to their amazing support.'

Nick Potter, ATG’s Managing Director (Venues), said:

'We’ve developed a special partnership with Life Water over the years and the provision of these vital fresh water wells in India is undoubtedly the ultimate reward in that relationship. We sold a staggering amount of bottled water in our theatres last year, so a huge thank you to all our customers for buying it in the first place and helping make this change.'

Both wells carry a plaque that reads 'This well has been kindly donated by the Ambassador Theatre Group'.

Life Water was established in 2006 and ATG was one of its first major customers. Life Water now sell over 10 million bottles of water every year in the UK.  

Life Water aims to provide a competitively priced ethical alternative in the bottled water market. The UK imports over a billion litres of water every year, wasting money and fuel to transport a resource which we have in abundance.

When consumers choose Life they are not only buying high quality, pure, British sourced mineral water; they are also benefiting someone much less fortunate than themselves without any extra cost or effort. For every litre of Life water sold, drop4drop fund the delivery of at least a litre of clean drinking water to communities in the developing world.

Drop4drop have funded water projects in India, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Uganda, Nicaragua, Senegal and Cambodia. Drop4drop works with leading charities including Concern, Christian Aid and Global Angels.

The amount of bottled water sold in ATG venues last year is enough water:

  • To fill 246 Olympic-sized swimming pools
  • For 56,307 kids in the UK to brush their teeth twice a day with the tap running for a whole year
  • For 17,616,086 x 5 minute showers
  • For 77,070,375 toilet flushes
  • For 10,586 families of 4 to flush their toilets for a whole year or
  • 528 families of 4 to flush their toilets for 20 years