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Adam Norenberg - Stage Manager

Following last month’s Meet the Technical Team at Richmond Theatre news feature, we decided to continue. This month we were lucky enough to catch Adam Norenberg Stage Manager at Richmond Theatre and ask him some questions about his job. This is what unfolded:

What has been your favourite show to work on at Richmond Theatre? And Why?

I don’t have one – I have two: Jus Like that with Jerome Flynn –I was doing quick fire props passing them to Jerome on stage – and he made me laugh every single night, often at the same joke but done in a slightly different way – he had Tommy Cooper dead on. At the time I didn’t know Tommy’s material so well and this made me a fan – the ultimate compliment I would think for an actor.

The Witches: a large production for us – the flying cues were so hard Marky Webster and I stayed and did them all ourselves that week as the cues were so complicated it would have been unfair to give them to someone else cold – After we flew that show we could do anything.

Other notables were The Twits for me was real fun and please don’t get me talking about Joseph which I love.

What advice would you give to young people looking for a career in theatre production?

Turn up to the door with a C.V. Ask to meet the Head of Stage/LX or the Tech manager and tell them about your goals – if they cannot help you a decent person will direct you in the right way. A good time to turn up would be in the months preceding Panto. Theatres always need extras then.

If you could work in any other department in the theatre, what would it be?

Marketing I think because they can use their creative input – I would have some very radical ideas.....

What are the benefits of working in a receiving house? (As opposed to a producing house)

The weekly turnaround is the best and worst thing about it. The sometimes grinding nature of working to an absolute deadline that is immovable in often grim conditions (cold/late nights/early next morning/hot/cramped conditions) – but that is also the best thing... It keeps you physically active and you get to see your friends come and go rather regularly – I have many friends who I see regularly three times a year – more than others I know outside work.

What are you most looking forward to in the coming months?

To tell you the truth I am looking forward to completing the Panto fit up – but before then I am really looking forward to seeing some lovely people come in with the new shows which are touring here.

What has been your greatest achievement at Richmond?

I tried to try and make this a more professional atmosphere with everything we need as a department and to make the theatre a much more welcoming and functional place. I try to treat people as I would like to be treated and to have some fun whilst doing it. Being able to have fun and meet some very interesting characters in my job has been really rewarding. You should love your job and I do – and that is quite an achievement.

Sum up your impression of Richmond Theatre in three words.

My favourite place.