Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I join or renew a TheatreCard?

  • Becoming a member
  • It's easy to join the TheatreCard scheme:
    - Online here
    - By phone on 0330 102 7200
    - At the nearest ATG Box Office
  • Renewing your membership
  • If you became a member by paying with cash, credit/debit card, or ATG Tickets Gift Voucher, we will notify you by email and letter when your membership is due for renewal. You will be able to renew by:

    - Online here
    - By phone on 0330 102 7200
    - At your nearest ATG theatre Box Office: click here to find your nearest venue
    - By filling out the Direct Debit instruction form on your renewal letter and post back to us. If you set up your TheatreCard by Direct Debit, we will automatically renew your membership each year. We will send your new card at least ten working days before your current TheatreCard expires.
  • Paying for your TheatreCard
  • We offer our standard TheatreCard Classic and TheatreCard Plus on direct debit (see section 3) and as a gift voucher. Alternatively, you can purchase these by credit/debit card here.
  • Upgrading your membership
  • You can now upgrade your TheatreCard Classic to a TheatreCard Plus, for just £24. You’ll continue to get all the benefits of TheatreCard Classic, as well as inclusive ticket protection, and access to our invite-only Facebook group. Click here to upgrade.

2. Can I buy a TheatreCard as a gift for someone?

  • TheatreCard Gift Membership
  • If you want to give the gift of theatre to your friends or family, we offer our TheatreCard Classic Gift Membership and TheatreCard Plus Gift Membership vouchers.

    These can be purchased by:

    - Online here*
    - By phone on 0330 102 7200
    - At your nearest ATG theatre Box Office: click here to find your nearest venue

    The TheatreCard Gift Membership voucher can be printed at home, posted to you* or collected from your local Box Office. It includes details of how to redeem the voucher for a membership and what theatres the TheatreCard unlocks exclusive access to.

    The ATG TheatreCard Gift Membership voucher is valid for 6 months, allowing the recipient to activate their membership at a time it suits them within that validity period.

    *Postage fee applies

3. Why should I set up a Direct Debit for my membership?

  • Joining or renewing your TheatreCard by Direct Debit
  • The quickest and hassle-free way to pay for your TheatreCard is by Direct Debit. This keeps your membership up-to-date all-year round with an automatic renewal, meaning that you can sit back and continue enjoying our great membership benefits without spending time filling out forms.

     As there are lower administrative costs with processing Direct Debit membership renewals, we can pass those savings onto our members through a reduction in the annual price. This reduces our TheatreCard Classic to £35 by Direct Debit, compared to £45 through other payment methods; and the TheatreCard Plus is reduced to £59 by Direct Debit compared to £69 through other payment methods. 

     If your TheatreCard is due for renewal and you previously paid by credit/debit card, cash, or ATG Tickets Gift Voucher, click here to renew by Direct Debit.

  • Updating your bank details
  • We will be notified of any changes to your current account if you change your main account using the Current Account Switch Service. If you wish to change the bank details outside of this scheme, please call us on 0330 102 7200, or visit one of our Box Offices - please do not email your new bank details to us as we cannot guarantee the security of emails.
  • The Direct Debit guarantee
  • All Direct Debit instructions are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee which provides you with a safeguard if there is any issue with your Direct Debit payment.

    A copy of this can be found in the TheatreCard Terms and Conditions and also in your membership pack.
  • What is the Service User Number and Reference stated on the email?
  • The Service User Number is the unique six-digit code allocated to ATG Tickets which show that we are permitted to process Direct Debit instructions. It is not your membership number.
  • Collection date
  • The reference is your Unique Reference Number (also referred to as the URN) which is used to identify the Direct Debit instruction you have with us. Again, it is not your membership number.

    We won’t debit the annual membership charge from you immediately after the order has been processed, as would happen with a credit or debit card payment. We have to notify you at least ten working days before any payment is taken by us from your account. You will be notified of your collection date in the membership pack – this date will remain the same each year and your membership will expire on your next collection date.

    We are unfortunately unable to change the collection date of your Direct Debit.

4. How do I cancel my TheatreCard?

  • Memberships purchased by cash, credit/debit card, or ATG Tickets Gift Voucher
  • If you joined the TheatreCard Classic or TheatreCard Plus membership schemes with a one-off payment, you do not need to do anything. Your membership will automatically expire once it has reached its expiry date – this can be found on your membership card.
  • Memberships purchased by Direct Debit
  • All Direct Debit instructions must be cancelled with your bank as per the Direct Debit Guarantee. We at ATG Tickets are unable to do this for you; you must contact your bank directly.

    Once you have done this, we ask that you notify us in writing by emailing [email protected] and return your membership card to us.

    Please refer to our TheatreCard Terms and Conditions to check that you are entitled to cancel your membership. Please be aware that you may incur additional charges if you have used any membership benefits within the validity period.

5. My details have changed - who do I contact?

  • Changing your details
  • Some of your details can be changed within your online account in the Account Information section. The details that can be changed here are:
    • Name
    • Billing and Shipping Addresses
    • Contact details
    • Venues that you are interested in hearing from
    • Communication preferences

    If you have a membership set up by Direct Debit and your bank details have changed, please call our TheatreCard Team on 0330 102 7200 and we will update this on your account. Please do not email any bank details to us as we cannot guarantee email security.

6. How do I use my TheatreCard?

  • What is my membership number?
  • Your membership number is unique to you as a TheatreCard member and can be found on the back of your membership card. We will also reference your membership number in any written correspondence that we send you.

    Remember to quote your membership number if you are booking over the phone. 

    If you are booking online, please ensure that you have logged into your online account. After clicking 'Select Tickets', choose the 'TheatreCard Members' option and then enter your online account details to take advantage of available offers. 

    When visiting one of our theatres, please ensure that you have your membership card with you to access the TheatreCard benefits.

  • How many discounted tickets can I buy per transaction?
  • You can book up to 4 discounted tickets per TheatreCard, per performance. Any additional tickets for that performance will have to be bought at full price, though these will not have any booking or transactions fees applied to them (unless fees apply for that show). Please see our TheatreCard Terms and Conditions for more information.

  • How soon after my purchase can I use my TheatreCard?
  • Straight away! Your membership will be activated immediately as soon as you have completed the purchase.

    You may need to log out and back into your online account to see your membership listed.

  • When will I receive my membership pack?
  • You should allow up to 28 days for your TheatreCard pack to arrive. You can however start claiming your membership benefits immediately after purchase – you just need your membership number.

     If you have not received your card after 28 days please call us on 0330 102 7200 and we will send a replacement to you.

  • My membership card has been lost or stolen
  • Please call our Theatre Card Team on 0330 102 7200 and we will issue you with a new card.

  • Which venues accept my TheatreCard?
  • You can use your TheatreCard at all theatres operated by the Ambassador Theatre Group. Click here to find your local ATG venue. You can also access benefits with your membership at other non-ATG venues: our nearby offers and events can be found here.

  • Can someone else use my membership?
  • Your TheatreCard is non-transferable as per our Terms and Conditions and is exclusive to you. 

    As the member, any bookings that you make need to be paid for by you to enjoy the membership benefits.

    If we believe that you are misusing your card in any way we will retain your card – please see the TheatreCard Terms and Conditions for more information.
  • My TheatreCard discounts haven't been applied - what do I do?
  • Please check that the performance you have booked for has a valid TheatreCard offer. These can be found in the brochure or online.

     If you believe that you have been overcharged, please call us on 0330 102 7200.

  • As a TheatreCard Plus member, how do I request a refund using my ticket protection benefit?
  • Your ticket protection is fulfilled by SecureMyBooking, visit their website here for more information.

7. How do I access my membership benefits online?

  • Checking that your TheatreCard is active
  • As your TheatreCard is associated to your online account, when you log in, your membership will show as active under the Membership section.

    You’ll also see on the left-hand side of the seat selection screen that the active promotional code shows as ‘ATG TheatreCard’.

  • Booking tickets
  • Find the performance you’re interested in seeing and click on ‘Select Tickets’. Make sure that you have logged into your online account first before purchasing tickets. In the price list that appears after you have chosen your seats, all TheatreCard discounts will appear with a gold star in their name.

     Please note that you can only book 4 discounted tickets per performance with the TheatreCard discount. Any additional tickets will need to be at full price or a concessionary rate – please select the relevant TheatreCard option to ensure that you do not pay any additional booking or transactions fees (where applicable). 

     Some offers only work for certain performances, so it’s advisable to check a few date options to see if you can take advantage of any available discounts.

     If you are a TheatreCard Plus member, your ticket protection will always be automatically included in your ticket purchase. You may still see a pop up, asking if you would like to add ticket protection to your purchase, in which case you should select no, to avoid paying the additional fee.

  • I can't see any membership discounts on the performance I want
  • There are a few reasons which may explain why you are not seeing the TheatreCard offers:

    • You have not logged into your online account before starting to book your tickets
    • Your online account is not associated with your membership*
    • You have accessed our website ( through another website or through a link in an email
    • There are no available TheatreCard offers on the performance
    • You are booking tickets for an event at a non-Ambassador Theatre Group venue or at a non-UK ATG venue 

     *Please call our TheatreCard Team on 0330 102 7200 or email them at [email protected] to investigate further. If you access the seat selection page by clicking on a link in a non-ATG Tickets email or through a different website other than, you cannot benefit from the exclusive membership benefits.

  • Does my membership cover LOVEtheatre?
  • No - is operated separately to ATG Tickets, and your TheatreCard does not entitle you to any benefits on bookings made through LOVETheatre. You will be informed when you are redirected from ATG Tickets to LOVETheatre to book tickets.

    We will on occasions secure exclusive access for our ATG Theatre Card holders to priority booking periods or offers through LOVETheatre - you will be notified in any communications from us that these are offered with LOVETheatre and any terms will be outlined.


8. What's the difference between the TheatreCard Classic and the TheatreCard Plus?

  • TheatreCard benefits
  • The TheatreCard Classic is our great value membership, offering a whole year of exclusive access to:

    • Priority booking
    • Priority seat selection 
    • No booking fees on most shows
    • No transaction fees on all shows
    • No-quibble ticket exchange
    • 25% off drinks up to 30 mins before the show
    • Cloakroom pass
    • Dedicated booking line
    • Beautiful brochures
    • Regular newsletters 
    • Exclusive savings

    Our TheatreCard Classic is only £45 for a year, or just £35 per year if set up by Direct Debit. 

    Upgrade to TheatreCard Plus for an extra £24, and you get all the above plus: 

    • Free ticket protection
    • Invite only Facebook group access
    • News before anyone else

9. If I'm an existing ATG TheatreCard or TheatreCard Gold member, what do the changes to the membership scheme mean to me?

  • Will my benefits still work?
  • Your ATG Theatre Card or Theatre Card Gold benefits will still be valid until your renewal date, after which we hope you will join us in TheatreCard Classic or TheatreCard Plus.
  • Do I need to do anything to change over?
  • If you have an ATG Theatre Card Direct Debit, you will automatically be renewed in to our TheatreCard Classic membership. Don’t worry, if you would like to upgrade to TheatreCard Plus, then just get in touch with our TheatreCard Team on 0330 102 7200 or [email protected], and they can upgrade you! If you would prefer not to renew as a TheatreCard Classic member then you can cancel your Direct Debit (see section 4). We will be in touch close to your renewal date to let you know of the upcoming changes.

10. What is the best way to stay up-to-date with the latest news and offers?

  • Our communications with you
  • We strongly recommend providing an email address when you join our TheatreCard membership. You will also need be automatically 'opted-in' to receive marketing communications from us. This will include emails about priority booking, ticket discounts, nearby offers or events (which are tailored based on your interests and booking history). It also includes our very informative What’s On Guides which are sent by post, three times a year.

    To 'opt-out' please call our TheatreCard Team on 0330 102 7200, or alternatively you can email us at [email protected], and we can change your preferences for us.

    If any of your address or contact details change, please ensure that you update them on your online account. Alternatively, you can call our TheatreCard Team on 0330 102 7200 and they can do this for you.

  • If you're not receiving any communications from us
  • With new privacy laws that came into effect on Friday 25 May 2018, you’ll need to let us know if you would like to continue to receive communications from us. If you believe that you aren’t getting the latest news and offers, please call our TheatreCard Team on 0330 102 7200, or alternatively you can call email us at [email protected], and we can check your preferences for you.

    If you have previously unsubscribed from an ATG email and would like to hear from us, please email our TheatreCard Team at [email protected] and they will reactive your email address so you will receive future email communications. Please note that an unsubscribe request will override any communication preferences selected in your online account.

    If you have not received the seasonal What’s On Guide from your theatre, please check that you have your address listed correctly in your online account and that you have opted in to receive postal communications from us. If you do not have an online account and would like us to set one up for you, please call us on 0330 102 7200.