Studio at New Wimbledon Theatre


In 1969, man walked on the moon. That was quite good. In 1550 BC, an old man built a pair of wings from wax and feathers and sailed across the bay. That was alright. In 1783, for the first time, the human race took flight. And nothing would ever be the same again. Read more...

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Turning the Screw

It's 1954 and Benjamin Britten is working on a new opera about purity and innocence. He's in an illegal gay relationship with Peter Pears so they mustn't draw attention to themselves. A play about love, music, and memory. Read more...

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Don't Shoot the Meistersinger

Christmas 1914. Carol singing in the trenches. A football match in No Mans Land. Enemies coming together as friends. The inordinate power of the human spirit. Read more...

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