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Why we love James McAvoy

By Jess Meaden

James McAvoy is currently wowing audiences in Jamie Lloyd’s revival of cult classic The Ruling Class, after their successful collaboration during Trafalgar Transformed Season 1 in 2013 where James tackled the title role in Shakespeare's Macbeth.

Whilst audiences are flocking to Trafalgar Studios in their numbers and rave reviews continue to flood in from the critics, we’ve been thinking about all the reasons why we love Mr McAvoy – and you won’t be surprised to hear that there are a LOT of them.

We’ve scoured the internet, pored over Wikipedia and searched every nook and cranny of YouTube to find the very best reasons to love this BAFTA Award-winning gent. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it...

He can sing

Oscar Award winner turned Karaoke King. We honestly didn’t think that Copacabana could ever make a come-back, but after seeing this we’re rethinking where we stand on that.

He can dance

We can already hear the phone call from Strictly producers. If acting doesn’t work, we’ve found his new calling.

He can bake

Move aside Paul Hollywood, cos’ according to highly reliable and trusted source Wikipedia, James’ weekend job as a wee lad was working for a local bakery in his hometown, Port Glasgow.

His bread may not have risen to stardom, but he sure did.

He can wear it all

From fancy dress to faun-cy dress, he works them all. We’re just going to sit back and let the outfits do the talking..

He doesn’t disappoint the fans

They’re both Scottish, they’re both partial to a spot of motor biking, but they aren’t the same person right? Wrong. If a fan mistakes him for Ewan MacGregor and subsequently asks for his autograph, he signs that paper. What a trouper.

He can ride a unicycle. We repeat, he can ride a unicycle.

Is there anything he can’t do?

The answer is no. There is absolutely nothing that this man cannot do.

On a more serious note...

The Ruling Class runs at Trafagar Studios until 11 April 2015. There is now extremely limited availability for all performances, but tickets are still being released on a regular basis. You can hear this information first by following @TrafTransformed on Twitter.

£15 Monday tickets for The Ruling Class go on sale on the 2nd of each month. For more information please click here.