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Travel back in time with Dinosaur Zoo at the New Theatre

By Stephanie Tye

The  australovenator arrives with keeper in tow

A few weeks ago you may have heard rumours about dinosaurs roaming around the Oxford Museum of Natural History.

This was no Night At The Museum re-enactment or even an early April Fools - these cute (and slightly more ferocious) beings came from Erth's Dinosaur Zoo and took over the museum.

The team behind the show brought along their australovenator, which went roaring through the newly renovated building followed by dozens of families, as well as the slightly better behaved leaellynasaura and two baby dryosaurs.

The dinosaurs roamed around the Oxford Museum of Natural History for more than an hour causing screams and giggles...and that was just from the adults who were present!

The event proved to be a massive success with hundreds of people joining in.

Keeper Lindsey Chaplin introduces the crowd to a baby dryosaur while youngsters tentatively pet 'Austra', right.

Stephanie Tye, press officer at the New Theatre, said:

'It was a really successful event.

There were hundreds of children all keen to see the dinosaurs, although some were more cautious approaching the australovenator than others.

The reaction of adults was the funniest, even though they knew it was a puppet they still couldn't help but be a little apprehensive around it.

Being able to take theatre out in to Oxford and seeing the reaction of the public is genuinely exciting and it was clear everyone loved it.

It was a fantastic way to engage with potential audiences and it created a real buzz about the show ahead of it coming to the theatre in April.'

Lindsey with a dryosaur

If you missed out on the days activites don't worry - Dinosaur Zoo is at the New Theatre from April 17 - 19.  As well as introducing those dinosaurs that appeared at the museum, there will be plenty of others.

Members of the Oxford Museum of Natural History will also be on hand after the performances to talk to audiences and will have a number of fossils with them to show.

You can book for this show and more here or by calling 0844 871 3020.