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Theatre Love Triangles

The course of true love never did run smooth, and it would make for a rather boring show if it did! We thought we’d run down the famous love triangles in our Valentine’s Day line-up, who are you rooting for?

The Grinning Man

For a man so insecure, Grinpayne sure has a lot of admirers! Aside from the crowds amazed by his gruesome smile at the fairground, he has the true love of his sightless girlfriend Dea.

With his love life on the right track his main concern is his quest for identity but his grizzly beauty mustn’t be underestimated. When his Number One fan at the fairground, Princess Josiana, sets her (rather zealous) sights on him it looks like Dea and Grinpayne’s happy ending could be in danger.

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Curtis was supposed to love Effie but when commercial success beckons someone more lucrative catches his eye. He’s a smooth talking operator with a knack for breaking hearts and climbing the charts, as well as causing some fiery spats along the way.

With two women fighting over him and a career getting off the ground it seems things are working out a bit too well for the duplicitous Curtis. Let’s just hope the girls embrace some Galentine’s Day spirit and show that man what’s what.

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Strictly Ballroom

Shall we dance? We shall, but with who? Since Scott Hastings was a child his ultimate goal has been to win the Pan-Pacific Grand Prix Dancing Championship. The only thing standing in his way is a penchant for dancing outside the box and breaking all the rules, that and choosing the right dance partner.

Will he take a chance on beginner Fran who embraces his new moves or walk arm and arm with established champion Tina Sparkle? Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps you’ll have to watch it and find out…

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Some production photography of previous casts.

In more of a power triangle than a love triangle, Billy Flynn’s got his work cut out with a couple of murderesses called Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly. His Razzle Dazzle courtroom skills are what they’re after and they’ll do anything to secure their freedom.

With Cuba Gooding Jr taking the lead as the Silver Tongued Prince of the Courtroom in March, we just can’t wait to see how he handles these Cook County criminals.

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