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The world's biggest coffee morning, in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support

Supporting the Macmillan Cancer Support by hosting a coffee morning has become an annual event for us. This will be our first fundraising event as The Alexandra and we would like to take this opportunity to showcase our renovated venue and the amazing staff that we have working here.

This event has become even more important to us since we lost one of our own to cancer last year. Graham Boddy was the maintenance manager here for 27 years before he very sadly passed away on the 9 September 2017. Graham's commitment to his work was what made The Alex the family environment that everyone is proud to work in. During the 4 months that he was undergoing treatment the Macmillan team were incredible.

'When Graham was sick, the whole venue team rallied around him to try and help. His family and friends lived in another city - and he was incredibly stubborn that he didn't want anyone to know and to worry - so we had to force our help upon him as the only ones who knew. During the times he was at home on his own and we were working is when we worried about him the most. That is where Macmillan came in - I remember visiting him one day after he told me how worried he was about money and having to get taxis to and from the hospital all the time. Macmillan had gotten in touch with him via the hospital following his diagnosis and they had been to visit to offer their support - and they had issued him a cheque right then to help ease his stress. Macmillan not only provided support to Graham but also to us - by checking up on him and explaining everything they could do to support him through his sickness they allowed us space to just spend time with him while he was with us, they made him feel more independent and like he didn't need to ask too much of any of his friends - which helped his pride. Graham's illness worked fast and he left us far too quickly - however I will always remember how quickly and efficiently Macmillan were there to help him when he needed it.'

Lisa Mart, Theatre Director

'Macmillan played a massive part in making Grahams journey that little bit easier and ensured he had all the time and energy he needed to fight the cancer without having to stress about life's everyday battles. It wasn't just emotional support they gave Graham but provided him with financial support for taxi's to and from chemo which helped him maintain his rent and bills at home. Graham was a very proud man and didn't like to be a burden on anyone which often meant he would not ask for help, with Macmillan he didn't have to ask, they gave him everything he needed without question. I could never thank Macmillan enough for everything they did for Graham. After watching first hand Graham's journey with cancer, It's become even more important to me to help raise money so that Macmillan can offer anybody living with cancer the support they need.'

Hollie Blake, Administrator

Over the past few months we have had a lot of renovation projects taking place all around the venue, and if Graham was still with us he would have been so proud to see the changes that have been made. Which is why our coffee morning is a celebration of our venue and staff, in memory of Graham. We will be showcasing our baking talents, as well as musical talents with some members of our Front of House team playing and singing live for your entertainment. We will also have some raffles which you can enter to win cake and even some free tickets!

It really will be an event not to be missed. So please come along and help us to raise as much money as we can for this wonderful charity, so they can keep helping as many people as they can, people who are suffering with this terrible disease.  We at The Alex will forever be grateful for everything they did for Graham.

This is a time for our whole venue to come together and celebrate the end of our long summer of renovations, to celebrate the life of Graham Boddy, and most importantly to celebrate the wonderful work that Macmillan do. 

Why not join us this Friday 28 September 2018 as we take part in the World's Biggest Coffee Morning?