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ATG's Christmas Video: The Twelve Days of Christmas

By Imogen Sarre

ATG is big. As in, really big. As in 50,000 theatre seats big, and 10 million theatre tickets-a-year big. We share that bigness of spirit around too: we're helping Britain's expanding waistline by annually feeding its population 1.8 million tubs of ice-cream and 9 tonnes of chocolate. But behind the scenes of our 40 theatres and countless productions there are also 4,000 plus members of ATG staff who are responsible for making the theatre magic happen.

So, this Christmas, we thought we'd try and get some of ATG's staff centre stage with our own version of the '12 Days of Christmas' classic. Contributors are - in true ATG style - from all round the country, and involved in theatre in many different capacities. We hope you enjoy it!

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Produced & directed by Imogen Sarre, Lauren Ball and Alice Morris

Especial thanks to the West End cast and crew of Spamalot and Dirty Dancing, and to singers from ATG theatres and offices:

12 Ugly Sisters - The Churchill Theatre Bromley
11 Pirates Pouting - Richmond Theatre
10 Tubs of Ice-cream - Piccadilly Theatre, London
9 Tickets Tearing - Bristol Hippodrome
8 Lots of Lifting - Dirty Dancing, West End cast
7 Scots a Skipping - Edinburgh Playhouse
6 Baubles Hanging - ATG Tickets
5 Coconuts - Spamalot, West End cast
4 Calling Boys - ATG Customer Contact Centre
3 Scouse Men - Liverpool Empire
2 Mackem Birds - Sunderland Empire
And the staff of ATG - various departments, including Property, Digital Marketing, Ticketing Services, Customer Service, Production office, IT, Box Office, Head Office, Front of House, Despatch, ATG Tickets

On the 1st day of Christmas - Lauren Ball
On the 2nd day of Christmas - Nicki Martin-Harper, Todd Cooper and Joe Allan
On the 3rd day of Christmas - Alasdair Sheard appearing as Ophelia Clunge
On the 4th day of Christmas - Joe Kelly, Kerry Parkinson and Charles Gillespie
On the 5th day of Christmas - Josh Nixon-Hill, Joe House Puttick and Donny Slack
On the 6th day of Christmas - Stephen Reynolds
On the 7th day of Christmas - Alex Briggs and Antoinette Bredwood
On the 8th day of Christmas - Tony Caamano and Phil John
On the 9th day of Christmas - Mati Skerrett, Michelle McVittie and Lucy Wiles
On the 10th day of Christmas - Pat Kennedy and Alice Morris
On the 11th day of Christmas - Hannah Rapley and Lee Williams
On the 12th day of Christmas - Charlotte Moulder, Georgia Miles, Charlotte Tomlinson and Krista Lahey-James