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The Band - Review Round Up

David Pugh, Dafydd Rogers and Take That's The Band is a musical rollercoaster filled with emotion and heart. It bolsters not only the hits of Take That, from the choreography to the harmonies to the costumes, delivered by winners of BBC Let It Shine Five To Five, but a seminal narrative of womanhood, friendship, nostalgia, and unbreakable bonds. Presented by phenomenal writer Tim Firth, this electrifying musical takes us first to Manchester in 1992 where we meet five 16-year-old girls for who 'the band' is everything. As we see them grow apart, we are led to wonder if their bonds will truly be strong enough to last the tests of time. Flash forward 25 years and the girls are back! Putting strong women at the centre, this truly is a musical for our time! But what did the critics have to say about this theatrical extravaganza?


'...the combination of Tim Firth's writing and Take That's music is simply divine!'

'...the characters have been developed to seamlessly interact with each other in such a naturalistic and funny way is a joy to behold. Firth's writing is so good that, unlike the majority of musicals where most of the dialogue is merely inserted to bridge the gap with the next song, the audience cannot help but invest in the characters and storyline.'

'All together, the show is a two-hour feast of fun, emotion, music, and nostalgia...'

- Paul Johnson, Sardines


'There were so many things to love about this production, starting from the amazing casting, the incredible musical score. The set was incredible with impressive projections - there is a lot going on...'

'Take That songs were authentically performed, and all flowed perfectly with the story.'

'The female cast members were very strong, not afraid to laugh at themselves with excellent comedic timing. They were brilliant in portraying what life was like as a teenage girl in the 90's and it felt very nostalgic when 'Smash Hits' and 'Top of the Pops' were referenced.'

- Sabrina Fancy, What's Good To Do!


'The story is compelling and relatable to anyone who's ever hardcore admired a band, performer or celebrity.'

'...the show is well-paced and bubbling with energy'

'[The Band] really embody Take That and bring to life the spirit and energy of a band of friends who love performing with one another. They also do a wonderful job of propelling the story forward.'

'Rachel [Lumberg] plays the role with a beautiful balance and sense of realism; wonderfully showing off her exuberant side, alongside the side which is struggling...'

'Despite the name, this show isn't about The Band, it's about the leading ladies who steal the show and our hearts with their sincere and charismatic performances.'

'The entire cast are superbly strong.'

- Olivia Mitchell, Rewrite This Story

'Jon Bausor's set, projections and overall design is ambitious and impressive.'

'The cast are strong, especially Faye Christall and Rachel Lumberg (playing Young Rachel and Rachel, respectively)'

- Tomm Ingram, London Theatre 1

'[Tim Firth] got it spot on with the references and I think for anyone who grew up with the love for any boy band, not just Take That it's got so many parts that are relatable in the story.'

- Holly, Box Office Bloggers