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ATG’s Summer Songs


By Lauren Ball

We heard a rumour it was summer. And it is! Sort of. Sometimes. Here and there. Oh Britain, you wonderful, miserable little island you. But changeable weather be damned: we're stocking up on Pimm's and refusing to eat any meal that hasn't been cooked over coal on a patio until September at least.

So follow our shining example and make the most of the rays with our lovely summery playlist. Or if the clouds have rolled in, close the curtains, turn up the volume and pretend. It's theatre magic, darling!

Click here to hear ATG's totally excellent All Banger No Clanger 'Summer Songs' playlist in full

Some People

Liza Minnelli

Sunny Afternoon

The Kinks


In The Heights

The Sex is in the Heel

Kinky Boots Broadway Cast

Uptown Funk

Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars


Ella Henderson