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Picks of the Summer by Richmond Theatre Staff

By Jake Guastella

It looks set to be a sunny season to remember in Richmond with a bumper line-up of perfect summery shows heading to our stage. To celebrate, we asked our staff to tell us which coming attractions they can't wait to see in the next few months…

Summer Picks - Richmond Theatre - ATG Blog

Elves & the Shoemaker Wed 10 June
Northern Ballet
Chosen by Lorna Conneely – Stage Door Supervisor

'I’m really looking forward to the Elves & the Shoemaker because it was my favourite book as a child, I used to read it all the time. When I saw it was coming here, I realised it would make a really great stage production. The story is really magical, especially in a kid’s eyes. I think it will be pretty amazing to see it brought to life by Northern Ballet, who are a really great company.'

Summer Picks - Richmond Theatre - ATG Blog

Madame Butterfly with Perpetuum Mobile Tue 9 & Wed 10 June
Northern Ballet
Chosen by Sara Greenwood - Deputy Marketing Manager

'Having seen quite a few Northern Ballet performances before, I know that the quality of the whole production is going to be really high. I saw Miss Saigon quite a few years back, which is based on the story of Madame Butterfly, so I’m really interested to see how NBT will interpret the story through dance.

I think what makes NBT ballets different is that it is classical ballet for a contemporary audience, so it’s accessible for everyone. The costumes for this production also look amazing, so I’m really looking forward to seeing those as well.'

Summer Picks - Richmond Theatre - ATG Blog

Constellations Tue 23 – Sat 27 June
Royal Court Theatre

Chosen by Matthew Eaton – Sales Advisor

'I’ve seen this show before and I can honestly say it’s one of the few plays I’ve seen in my life that I would like to see twice. It’s basically a love story with two actors involved, but it also raises questions about our place in the universe and the nature of love and relationships. It’s just a very, very good show so I recommend that anyone that hasn’t seen it goes to see it, and anyone that’s already seen it, goes to see it again, because you might pick up on something new, I’m hoping I will!'

Also chosen by Tom Giles - Administrator

'I’m looking forward to Constellations because I’ve read it but never seen it. I think it’s a beautiful, original, funny and very, very clever play. I think Nick Payne is a fantastic writer and it’s great to see the work of the Royal Court being taken on tour.'

Summer Picks - Richmond Theatre - ATG Blog

Romeo and Juliet Tue 28 – Sat 1 Aug
Shakespeare’s Globe
Chosen by Mhairi Grealis – Youth Theatre Director

'I’m a huge fan of Shakespeare’s Globe, I go to see a lot of theatre there. In fact, the very first production I went to see when I moved to London was Janet McTeer as Petruchio in The Globe’s Taming of the Shrew, so I’m really looking forward to this performance.

It’s also really exciting to see The Globe take their productions to other venues. They do Shakespeare like no one else. It’s always easy to understand, accessible and beautifully acted.'

Summer Picks - Richmond Theatre - ATG Blog

Calamity Jane Tue 4 – Sat 8 August
The Watermill Theatre
Chosen by Lucy Mathews – Press & Marketing Assistant

'I’ve heard Jodie Prenger is amazing in the role and it will be cool to see her on stage. I’ve heard some of the songs and they’re really fun, so I’m looking forward to seeing them as part of the whole production. I’m always really impressed by actor-musicians so I can’t wait to see them too.

As an American, it’s great to see a Wild West style musical come to Richmond. It’s unlike anything else in the season so it should be really exciting.'

Summer Picks - Richmond Theatre - ATG Blog

The Shawshank Redemption Mon 14 – Sat 19 Sep
Chosen by Samantha Preston – Marketing Manager

'I always remember being very young and being told to go to bed, but I had a TV in my room and I knew that this film The Shawshank Redemption was coming on. I heard from my friends at school that it was really good, and I secretly watched it from under the covers with all the lights switched off in my bedroom. I was absolutely blown away by it. I then read the book by Stephen King, which the film was based on, and this added another layer to the story which made me fall in love with the film even more.

Seeing Shawshank on stage will bring the two loves of my life together, theatre and film. I think that seeing the story live will be an even more powerful experience. I hear that there’s star casting to be announced soon so that will be something extra to look forward to!'

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To see the full line up of theatre, musicals, dance and comedy on the way, click here. We hope you have a fantastic summer!