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History of The Princess Theatre Torquay

By Shiona Walker

The Princess Theatre in Torquay has some great stats and facts to her name (yes, the theatre's definitely a she. It's all in the title). Here, we take a look at the Princess Theatre's history, share some fun facts, and take a sneak peek at the celebs she has had on her stage. Mumford & Sons and The Beatles are just two of the bands who have graced her stage...

We really think the Princess Theatre is great - but don't take our word for it; take Brenda's - who has shown her dedication and love for the theatre by working in it for the last 51 years! (And, in tribute of this, she's just been nominated for the UK Theatre Award's Theatre Employee/Manager of the Year 2013... we're feeling pretty chuffed over here).


If you want to visit the Princess Theatre Torquay, then take a look at our Princess Theatre Torquay page to find out what's on.