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Pieces of 8: 8 things you may not know about panto King Andy Collins AKA Smee!

1. To Smee or not to Smee... did you know Andy has played Smee once before at AWT back in 2012 - this is our favourite flashback shot!

2. No stranger to AWT, Andy has clocked up an impressive 578 hours in the venue whilst performing in 7 pantomimes, this year that will go to over 650 hours! (Not including rehearsals!)

3. Over the last 2 years Andy has taken part in 2 mega sporting challenges - the Canoe challenge of 2016 and most recently an all-day bikeathon raising money for Relief 2017.

4. What is Andy HOOKED on? He LOVES Watford FC... and is partial to watching Love Island!

5. Has Andy ever been a Lost Boy - YES! At the tender age of 5 Andy got lost in Hampstead Court Maze for 1.5 hours. He also claims to regularly get lost in Milton Keynes because of the many roundabouts!

6. Andy's favourite item in his trademark 12 Days of Christmas song is... the bra that was made to fit 3:

7. Over 200k audience members seeing Andy in action to date...

8. The boy who never grew up... well he did, but luckily Andy still has that boyish charm and wit! Look at that face!

Peter Pan plays at the Aylesbury Waterside Theatre from 7 December 2018.

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