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Must see films this September

By Sara Hijazi

Join us each month where a different member of our team here at the Ambassadors Cinema, Woking will be taking over the blog and bringing you their exciting feature, from top film picks, to a day in the life of a Projectionist, there will be something for everyone. This month we meet FOH manager David Peerman to hear his thoughts on the best films to see this September.

Name: David Peerman

Position: Front of House Manager

 All Time Favourite Film: The Producers

Which actor would play you in the story of your life: Jude Law (We're the same height!)

Just around the corner is the release of Helen Mirren's latest film, The Hundred-Foot Journey. This story of clashing cultures in the French ountryside is tipped to be the next Kings Speech. With an all-star cast including Om Puri of East is East fame and Manish Dayalc from Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Mirren is in very good company.

The Hundred-Foot Journey

Directed by: Lasse Halstrom

Starring: Helen Mirren, Om Puri, Manish Dayal, Charlotte Le Bon Written by: Stephen Knight (Screenplay), Richard C Morais

Release Date: 5 September 2014

The Kadam family leaves India for France where they open a restaurant directly across the road from Madame Mallory's Michelin-starred eatery.

The movie has had a mixed response from reviewers but it's a film we are very excited to see in Woking. It may be a little predictable and yes the story is a rework of the Romeo & Juliet romance (without the suicide) but, it's Helen Mirren playing a feisty French chef in a feel-good romantic comedy; what else could you ask for?

Gentlemen - if you are trying to decide between this and The Guest, which are both released on the same day, remember the while Dan Stevens may be fairly hunky, he is unlikely to entertain your girlfriend for the full 99 minutes! The Hundred-Foot Journey is a much safer bet!

The Guest

Directed by: Adam Winguard

Starring: Dan Stevens, Maika Monroe, Ethan Embry

Written by: Simon Barrett

Release Date: 5 September 2014

A soldier introduces himself to the Peterson family, claiming to be a friend of their son who died in action. After the young man is welcomed into their home, a series of accidental deaths seem to be connected to his presence.

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