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The Bonkers Biking Boot Camp (The BBBC)


By Patrick Kennedy

Part 1

(More excitement in store: Part 2 of Pat's training blog here).

(The tummy-jangling nerves hit: Part 3 of Pat's training blog here).


The Cause

Seven inspirational folk from ATG have decided to join the epic Moonrider cycle from London to Brighton on July 12th.  A stomach wrenching, leg burning, nausea inducing 100km journey.  Described as 'biking enthusiasts' in the official press release, the seven employees are drawn from all over the company and all in the best of physical health and full of steely determination.  The cycle will take about six hours and is all in aid of the fantastic MacMillan Cancer Support charity.


The Effect

'Biking enthusiasts'.... 'biking'... 'enthusiasts'.... two words I've never associated with myself in the same sentence. In fact, I have something to admit: I don't have a bike and I haven't cycled a significant distance in about two years. I can hear your cries of 'WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?'. I often shout that at myself. In order to assist my efforts to improve my dwindling fitness levels, I'm going to blog my journey to Brighton here.


The Reason

The reason behind my volunteering to be part of the team, apart from for the fantastically snazzy clothes and limitless supply of energy drinks, is my grandad. My grandad was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1997 and was told that he would have 18 months to live at best. 16 years later and he's still here, still fighting, still dishing out sage advice to me and sending me text messages about his garden IN CAPITAL LETTERS. What a hero. So I'm doing this for him and for the nurses who have looked after him and given him words of encouragement for almost two decades.


As the cycle date (July 12th) looms ever closer I've been (I like to think...) proactive and joined the gym in an effort to get my stamina up to scratch ' so far I can do about 10 minutes on the cross-trainer before I collapse in a miserable, wet heap on the floor of the gym. I look around at those smug faces and want to sob into the water holder.

The Motivation

The only way to 'dust myself off and try again', as Aaliyah once sang, is to crank up my trusty iPod gym playlist. Each week, I'll let you in on my secret iPod world so you can see how a mid/late twenties man with a lust for life and a passion for carrot cake deals with the challenges placed before him. I have high hopes that I will become an Oprah-esque inspiration.


Okay so this week my playlist looks like this ' if you're in need of inspiration look no further!


What you may notice about this playlist is its length. 17.5 minutes. That is no reflection of the amount of time I spend at the gym. Absolutely not. No way. I DEFINITELY spend at least 10 minutes mentally preparing myself in the changing room (read: hiding my head in locker); 10 minutes warming up (read: sat at the welcome table reading pamphlets on Zumba); 10 minutes warming down (read: sat on the Power Plates enjoying the good vibrations) and 10 minutes pampering myself in the changing rooms (read: completely covering my face with my flannel-sized towel as I make a hasty exit in total embarrassment). So actually what you'll find is that I spend 57.5 minutes there. An admirable time, wouldn't you say?


Let's Get To It

I'm confident the steely determination of my colleagues mentioned earlier will inspire me to become Chris Hoy-like in my cycling abilities. My playlist will expand, my energy and fitness levels will increase, my passion for exercise will become tantamount to my unhealthy obsession for musicals, and my thighs will expand to the size of tree trunks.
... Right?
This is for grandad!