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History of Liverpool Empire

By Shiona Walker

Liverpool Empire has quite a few royal connections. Not only built on the site of The Prince of Wales Theatre & Opera House (royalty's all in the name, right?), it's played host to Queenie, her prince, and is one of only seven locations to proudly present the Royal Variety show. Going along with this plummy theme, you can't actually see the stage from the Royal Boxes - a bizarre twist that makes you really wonder at its architects, who also managed to design the whole thing back in 1925 without factoring in every audience's need for a drinks bar. But for all this, Liverpool Empire is still closely rooted in its community and surroundings, welcoming thousands of locals year on year. And if you don't believe us, believe Merseyside's own Les Dennis, who's quoted at the bottom of this very lovely fun-fact-filled infographic.


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