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ATG’s January Blues Playlist

By Lauren Ball

Ah January, you're back again to torment us. Our Christmas trees are shedding needles on the roadside, we've sworn off booze until we learn some self-control and none of our clothes fit anymore due to the near toxic levels of Quality Street we consumed. And we're back at work. And it's freezing outside. And it's not payday yet. And it's STILL JANUARY. ARE YOU KIDDING ME, TIME? WHAT DID WE EVER DO TO YOU?

Yes, we know how you feel. It's a trying time. But with the aid of our trusty steed, YouTube, let us shine a little light on this bleak, tinsel-free landscape.

Click here for ATG's most amazing 'Shake Those January Blues' playlist in full.

Number 1

Good Morning Baltimore from Hairspray
The greatest opening number in musical theatre: discuss.

Number 2

Accident & Emergency by Patrick Wolf

Number 3

Perfectly Marvelous from Cabaret
In this clip from Sam Mendes's 1993 production of Cabaret at the Donmar Warehouse, Sally Bowles (Jane Horrocks) and Cliff Bradshaw (Adam Godley) 'raise a glass to the start of a marvelous year'. Come on 2014, let's do this.


Number 4

Giants in the Sky from Into the Woods

Number 5

All My Rage by Laura Marling

Number 6

Birdhouse in Your Soul by They Might Be Giants
If jumping and stomping is your vice, then this is your enabler.


Number 7

Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen
A thrilling live performance. Lighters in the air, your best rock growl at the ready.

Number 8

I Believe from The Book of Mormon

Number 9

Stop by The Spice Girls
If anything's gonna pull you out of a slump it's a Motown inspired pop classic with a dance routine to match.


Number 10

Skid Row from The Little Shop of Horrors
No matter how bad things can seem when it's dark by 5pm, you're probably having a better time than Audrey and Seymour.

Number 11

Drum Boogie by Swing Republic

Number 12

Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz