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What should you do this Valentine’s Day?

By Imogen Sarre


 Dirty Dancing


If music be the food of love, see Once. This is a really lovely romance for relationships of all shapes and sizes: not only a real tunner both aesthetically and acoustically, it's also got the novelty factor that every good date needs - at the interval, you can buy your drinks up on stage.


Dirty Dancing has all the classic ingredients you need for true love: a watermelon, Hungry Eyes, sexy dancing, lifts, and grand declarative corner-related tatements from knights in leather-jacketed armour. This is feel-good fun with romance running through its core.


  The Lion King


Who needs sentimental lovey-dovey malarkey when you could impress your date with Wicked's seriously cool psychedelic moving machinery and pretty much the most epic show on earth? Your friends will be green-eyed with envy at the date night you've cooked up.


Story of your life, you can't find a babysitter for love or money. But Valentine's Day is about spending time with your loved ones, so take 'em along with you. And if you're looking for a fun-filled family show, you absolutely can't beat the nostalgic joy and good cheer of Disney's The Lion King.


jeeves and Wooster


Dirty Rotten Scoundrels


It's not for nothing that laughing often indicates flirting: a shared sense of humour is a pretty good indication of compatibility. With intelligent and well-executed comedic flair, as good fun shows go, Jeeves and Wooster has got to be right up there.


Smart, sassy and with comedic gems threaded through it, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels the musical is going to be the talk of the town. Buying tickets for when it opens in the West End in March is also the perfect way to avoid the masses on V-day but show you care.




The Woman in Black


In the early stages of relationships it's all about having heartfelt discussions until 4am, so it's crucial to have some good meaty topics up for discussion. After watching Ghosts you'll be spoilt for choice: Lesley Manville's performance, feminist values and the morality of secrecy are subjects that can't failt to invigorate your chat.


The perfect solution for anyone who wants to think outside the Valentine's Day red fluffy box, but who wants to reap all the rewards... force fear your partner into demonstrations of affection within a totally non-clichéd schmaltzy environment. One of the most spine-thrillingly terrifying live experiences out there, The Woman in Black is sure to give you an extra zing of adrenaline and set you up for a sleepless night.

The Bodyguard - Adelphi Theatre


Jersey Boys


Whitney Houston's ‘I Will Always Love You' - if not her whole frigging soundtrack - must surely be up there with the greatest love songs of all time. So what better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than with this stunner of a musical. Sway, swoon and sing along.


Right. Let's dispel all that rubbish about Valentine's Day being bad for singletons. Quite the contrary: it gives you a wonderful excuse to get a group of your best mates together and celebrate single life. And what better way to do that than bop along to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons' superb songs in Jersey Boys the musical? 


The Only Way is Downton




Let's be honest: Valentine's Day and week still feel like a  distant blur on the horizon. You know it'll creep up practically unannounced and you'll regret not taking the time to sort out fun plans, but you just don't have the time to properly investigate the options.

Or do you? Because if you have 4 minutes 43 seconds to spare, then I can help. I hazard a guess that after watching Luke Kempner's Downton Abbey impressions you'll be queuing around the block to watch the lovely lad live at Trafalgar Studios in The Only Way is Downton. V-day: done, dusted.


Ahh London, this can be a gloomy time of the year. Even though February is thankfully not January, it's still a bit too grey and drab and drizzle-heavy for comfort. Plus it contains the dreaded Valentine's Day, the only thing worse than New Year's Eve for hype and disappointed hopes. But do not fear, for Spamalot is here, and if anything can get you looking on the brighter side of life, Monty Python will be it.