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From the Dressing Room - A Backstage Q&A with Cilla star, Kara Lily Hayworth

"How many roundabouts are in Milton Keynes?"

Get to know the star of Cilla - The Musical, Kara Lily Hayworth, as she takes the time out of rehearsals to answer a selection of quick fire questions.

1. Sweet or Savoury? 


2. What is your favourite song?

Think Twice by Celine Dion

3. What did you want to be when you were younger?

Uninterestingly, a singer. I apparently decided at a very young age that that was what I was going to do! I don't think anyone else had much of a say. No one in my family is in the industry in anyway so I've got no idea where it came from.

4. Who is your role model & why?

I think I'd have to say my Nan, she's in her 80s and has a far better social life than I have. She lives life to the full, goes out to dances and dinners several times a week, has a boyfriend and still looks drop dead gorgeous. If I'm anything like her when I'm older, I'll be very happy.

5. Fiction or Non-fiction?


6. What is your pet hate?

People making me jump 

7. What is your party trick? 

I can recite the alphabet backwards 

8. Home or Away?


9. If you could invite 3 people to dinner, who would it be? 

Celine Dion, Emma Thompson, Chris Hemsworth

10. How many roundabouts are in Milton Keynes?

Too many 

Cilla The Musical is at Milton Keynes Theatre from 26-30 September 2017.

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