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Exclusive! Top Wedding Tips to Treasure! From one princess to another (to be)!

Princess Fiona has been there, done that and got the swampy mud encrusted T-shirt - and, she's a REAL princess in her own right. So what's the advice she can give to Meghan Markle on this most special of days?

'Royal weddings need to be glamorous, but they do need to be BIG!' says Princess F. 'If Meghan follows my advice, she'll be the Princess to beat all fairy-tale princesses!'

The Dress: Green, of course, and preferably velvet - c'mon guys, it's May in England, it's gonna be cold! Or raining! Or, more likely, both!

The Hair: Red. just take a look at all the famous precedents: Queen Elizabeth I; Henry VIII; Fergie and of course, Prince Harry! 

The Make-upProne to flushed cheeks after drinking a little too much of the ‘Happily ever after’ potion? A foundation tinged with apple green is a must

The Venue: Go all out. Book your castle in advance, especially if you want one in Far Far Away. If the high life isn’t for you, the swamp could be just your cup of tea!

The Ceremony: Short. No-one wants to spend hours listening to some official droning on about honouring and obeying. This is 2018 for goodness sake!

The Bridal party: As you’ll know from our Hello Magazine exclusive, Fairytale creatures are the best. Red Riding Hood is a bake-off pro, you can call on the Three Pigs for unique entertainment, just ask Pinocchio if you can trust him with the rings, and Donkey, for all his many faults, does a punchy rendition of ‘I’m A Believer’. 

The Photographer: Do not let Donkey take the photos! When was the last time you saw a photographer with hooves? Get someone who owns a camera and won’t take endless selfies.

The Reception:  Sunflowers are my favourite and won’t clash with the dress – a must! However, bunting, favours, food and drinks look swamptastic in green. Ban speeches and get straight to the dance floor.

The Honeymoon: The Swamp of course, but for somewhere a little more glamorous you could try Mauritius? The Caribbean? Or there’s a very nice quagmire in The Seychelles.