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Breezes Café Refurbishment progress


And so it begins... 

It has been a long time coming for Breezes Café Bar to be given a fresh new look and undergo its modernised transformation. This exciting new development started its restoration today, it was all 'hands on deck' with all staff on-board, sharing enthusiasm and eagerness at the new project.  It's fair to say we're all pretty excited over here and our two contractors, Glynn & Paul (the real life chuckle brothers) are working extremely hard & are getting the refurbishment process underway & complete.

During this first week, we are starting with the upstairs re-developments in adding a modern contemporary feel and making it the perfect place to host functions. We are getting new furniture, new flooring, contemporary décor, devising a new menu but the only thing that's not changing is our stunning view.

'We are all very excited about this refurbishment project for Breezes. The transformation will make such a difference to our customers' enjoyment of the facilities, and provide a fantastic setting for enjoying the beautiful views over the Bay.' - Kate Smith, Customer Experience Manager

This particular blog is to give you an idea of what's taking place and to watch out process grow.  We've had a successful day so far, take a look at our images to see for yourself and follow the excitement on our social media too! FB: @breezestorquay. We thank you for all your support!



In the past couple of days, the guys have been clearing out all the furniture from the upstairs of Breezes alongside tearing apart and re-structuring the space. The contractors have been working very hard to keep the re-build of Breezes to a tight time schedule. 

I walked into Breezes as soon as I got into work (beautiful day), to see the progress so far, only to walk in and find that our two hardworking brothers are joined by a group of men, and what I can only describe as ‘busy Beavers’ from all different trades, getting stuck into the working day ahead. 10 guys were on site from electricians, plumbers, fitters, builders etc… I was watching with such admiration to see the work going on, (not to mention it was the warmest day of the year so far) and you can really appreciate how much care and attention goes into the process of making everything look incredible! 

The under-flooring has now been laid ready to start placing the luxury vinyl planks – they are very nice indeed! Lighting fixtures and radiator fittings have been taken out ready for re-fits and the bar has been sanded down. The splashing of paint in a ‘Pure Oyster’ and Navy is starting to give the room a sense of luxury ahead of the new design and with all being said the staff's excitement is most defiantly building! 


Downstairs starts 

We are back after a glorious sunny weekend in Torquay, and a busy night playing host to comedian Jason Manford, and this week is the start of the refurb process downstairs.  The boys are back and tearing the place apart (not literally) but the furniture has been taken away, the floor has been removed, the electricians are back & new kitchen appliances have arrived! Meanwhile, the work upstairs is still being carried out to co-inside with the downstairs refurbishment. The Cafe is slowly developing a contemporary-cool style with navy & white painted walls, spotlights on the ceiling, displaying natural tones & hinting an urban touch. Meanwhile, the Breezes team are devising a new menu ready for the new establishment. Our customers will still see their firm favourites but it will also include an extended & devised range of new dishes. 

'We are really excited about the new menu options that we will be offering, as well as the new and improved classics' – Ben, Catering Manager


Out with the old in with the new! 

As soon as I walked into the Theatre, the skip was outside ready to load up with the old furniture and the boys and girls were all hands-on, getting rid of the old equipment & appliances, ready for the new arrivals! Meanwhile, our contractors are still working on the interiors and electrical work ready for the re-launch. What was the ‘Shack’ has been re-kitted out ready to co-inside with the new design, new serving counters have arrived, LED downstairs lights have been fitted (with dimmers for mood lighting) & the floor has nearly been completed. There has been a huge shuffle in kitchenware transferring some of our old appliances to the top kitchen, while brand new cookware is being incorporated into the new kitchen for Breezes. We are looking forward to the arrivals of our new different style tables & chairs that will bring a modern-day feel to the new establishment. 


Pop in and check out the work so far! 

It’s time to open up and let the customers come and see the work so far! Although we’ve said goodbye to our ‘Chuckle brothers’ the work is still commencing with contractors working hard to stylise and finish off the reconstruction work that is left to do. 

The new eatery is looking stylish and modern, we are awaiting the new menu to be introduced, offering mouth-watering food! Alongside new and improved furnishings to make the new eating place an elegant and comfortable space to relax in and watch the world go by. With the new flooring, a new counter and new lighting, together with the back of house refreshed new kitchen installations (not to mention how happy Lydia is she has a new oven) the finishing touches are underway. Today we have new stairs being incorporated for customers to access the function room and the upstairs seating area, which has stunning views that overlook the Bay. Breezes is currently open to the public, serving coffee, cake and limited menu options, so pop in and let us know what you think so far!