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ATG Graduate Scheme

By Zoe Briggs

So after university... what's next?

When you finish university, you’ve got loads of options ahead of you. If you want to work in engineering, you could apply to a graduate scheme. If you want to be a banker, apply to a graduate scheme. If you want to try your hand at management consultancy, then guess what? You can apply to a graduate scheme. But if you want to work in the theatre industry… oh. Hang on. It’s not that simple.

Getting a job in the theatre industry

For decades, getting your foot on the first rung of the career ladder in the theatre industry has meant sweeping the stage, making the tea, or asking Great-Aunt Nancy if she can put you in touch with her director friend. But things are changing. The Arts Council England's recent investment in the Creative Employment Programme is inspiring arts organisations to set up part-funded apprenticeships and internships for young professionals, sparking a cultural shift in our employment culture.

ATG launches a new grad scheme

And now, here at ATG we have some even more exciting news! A groundbreaking new graduate scheme (the first of it's kind!) has been announced. Now, you could be that lucky graduate that can lay claim to an equally rewarding and challenging graduate job in a field you feel passionate about. ATG’s Graduate Scheme in Theatre Management and Administration will offer a unique start in the commercial theatre industry and complements existing schemes such as Stage One (for new producers), and Step Change (a mid-career development programme).

Stage One    Step Change

Twitter Talks ATG Grad Scheme

Rosemary Squire, Joint CEO of ATG, talks about ATG's Graduate Scheme

Other opportunities at ATG

It’s not the first time we’ve invested in our workforce here at ATG. Our office internship goes from strength to strength and has been the stepping stone to careers in the company. Our new apprentice theatre technicians are settling in and starting their intensive training backstage. We have university placements in our accounting team, and internships at our subsidiary companies Sonia Friedman Productions and First Family Entertainment, as well as at our theatres nationwide. What’s more, they're all paid.

ATG employees who joined the company as interns and are now employed permanently in roles
varying from programming to business affairs.

Credit: Oli Matthews.

Over the years, interns have gone on to the following exciting roles:

  • London Programmer
  • London Events Coordinator
  • Project Management & Content Strategy Executive (Digital Marketing)
  • Email Marketing Executive (Digital Marketing)
  • Business Affairs Assistant
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Property Administrator
  • Office Administrator
  • Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer
  • Customer Experience Assistant

89% of our office interns from 2012 went on to be employed by ATG. 67% are still working for Ambassador Theatre Group now.

The internship provided endless opportunities to network with industry professionals, embark on practical projects and assist with events. I would recommend it to anyone pursuing a career in the arts. Lauren Power, Intern 2012

Applying for ATG's grad scheme

So with all those opportunities, what are you waiting for? Well, hold your horses. This is a seriously competitive business. For our office internship alone, we had 40 applicants per place in our last recruitment round. For our brand-spanking new graduate scheme, it’s likely to be even tougher, as there are only two places available for a September 2014 start. So you need to think ahead and take some preliminary steps to make sure you are the best candidate.

Top tips for preparing your application

  • Brush up your leadership skills. Being able to inspire and motivate people is key to success.
  • Find ways to evidence your creative and strategic approach to work – and practise writing convincingly about it.
  • Get a handle on a commercial approach to the theatre industry.
  • See as much theatre as you can to develop your taste and discover what kind of work you want to be associated with.
  • Be ambitious. Aim higher. And practice proving that this comes naturally to you.

Can’t wait to apply for the ATG Graduate Scheme? Recruitment begins in January 2014. Register your interest in, and find out more information about, the ATG graduate scheme here (lots of great answers to a whole bunch of FAQs too).