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A technical insight into panto

By Becky Martin

As opening night of Sleeping Beauty looms you'd be forgiven for thinking panto just magically happens. Many think there is a period of rehearsals then abracadabra - the show's on the road!!!

However, in fact there is a lot going on behind the scenes involving a team of over 20 technical staff pulling, pushing, heaving and fitting larges pieces of scenery, staging, lighting and props together.

Last weekend 4 artics arrived to deliver this year's sparkling sets - including over 20 backcloths (each weighing over 60 kilos with the heaviest weighing in at 164 kilos!) . Our technical team have been completing 12 hour days making sure everything gets safely secured and is ready for the cast to rehearse as we get ever closer to opening night

It's hard to imagine what actually goes on behind the scenes so here are some pics to help put you in the picture...

Artic lorries delivering set

9 crew are needed to move the heavy backcloths

Setting up the sound tower

Wonder who will be using this?

Fly floor ropes

Setting up the stage