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A Lock-In, with Tuffers & Dawson

Imagine the most fun you could have in a theatre with three iconic sporting experts... Introduce charismatic TV host Nick Hancock (They Think It's All Over, Room 101), add two sporting legends, Phil Tufnell and Matt Dawson and you have a match made in heaven! A Lock In With Tuffers and Dawson is a new live theatre show that takes place in a working bar and it's on its way to Wimbledon in just one weeks' time!

Well known for their chatty amusing repartee on the BBC's popular TV show A Question of Sport, Tuffers and Daws will go head to head live on stage, with Nick Hancock at the helm. The popular host will inevitably be on top form, controlling and adding to the metaphorical flying banter about, as attempts to keep control. Something he seems to be particularly concerned about...

'At first I thought do I really want to do a show with these two?' he jokes. 'Then I thought, well, I've got two teenage kids at home and I can handle them so it should be okay. But I was wrong, they are worse than a couple of teenagers - though at least they don't sleep at my house!'

With Tuffers and Daws trying to outdo each other in games, big screen action and through hilarious stories. Nick will help the audience get to know the boys a bit better, enticing them to draw out some hilarious stories about each other and lift the lid on their hugely successful sporting careers, their larger than life teammates and opponents - on and off the field.

'As a lover of sport I can't wait to hear what stories Matt and Phil have from their illustrious careers but as an interviewer who knows them both a little, the prospect of keeping them in line terrifies me. My plan is to embarrass them into submission or die trying. It should be quite a night!'

This is guaranteed to be a wonderful evening for sports fans and non-enthusiasts alike and if you get to the theatre a little earlier you have the novelty of ordering yourself a drink at the on stage bar!

'Chatting with Tuffers for a couple of hours about all the good and the bad that has happened in our careers doesn't sound too bad does it?! Mind you from what I have heard he has got up to compared to my angelic past might make me blush!!  Actually I reckon I will be able to hold my own with some of my stories so hold on to your hats as this could get interesting!' - Matt Dawson

'I can't wait to get up on stage with my old mucker Daws. A Lock In gives us the chance to chat about many of our past experiences across sport, dancing (oh and he beat me in Strictly too!!) a few of our escapades and much more. Come and join us, there will be a few surprises, it's going to be a lot of fun!' - Phil Tufnell

'I have worked with Tuffers on our successful Evenings With Aggers shows and it just made sense to bring him and Matt together on stage. So I'm delighted to welcome world cup hero and Lions legend Matt Dawson on board as well as the brilliant, quick - witted Nick Hancock. I used to regularly tune in to They Think It's All Over and loved Nick's ability to deal with some pretty big personalities, from the likes of Jonathan Ross, Gary Lineker, David Gower to Lee Hurst, among many others. Nick is the perfect foil for Tuffers and Daws and I'm really looking forward to seeing them all on stage.' - Producer Simon Fielder

Tuffers & Daws, (with Nick), will appear at New Wimbledon Theatre on Wednesday 26 September! Tickets starting from £20* (*not including fees).